Wildernesses are regions on the map that can be conquered and may be hills, mountains, lakes, forests, plains or bogs/Dark Forests (although bogs can only be attacked when they become a Dark Forest.) Conquering these regions will improve production of the relevant resource. How the level of the region (level 1 will give you 5% and level 10 will give you 50% more resources; each level gives you 5% more: level x 5 e.g. LVL 3 wild x 5 is 15% ). The level of the region determines how hard the region is to conquer and, therefore, how many troops you will need. Before you try to conquer the region, you can scout to get an idea of what kind of troops you will need. In wilderness regions from levels 5 up to 10 you may find crests. They are not random, dropping at a rate of 15%. 100 wilds hit will most likely get you 15 that you find will be random. The higher your attacking knight's skill and loyalty the more likely he will be to find a crest.

Units in Wilderness

This chart indicates how many troops you will encounter in an unoccupied wilderness:

Level Supply
Militiamen Scout Pikemen Swordsmen Archer Cavalry Heavy
Ballistae Battering
Catapult Traps Troop Total -w/o traps
1 50 50 100
2 100 100 50 50 5 300
3 200 200 100 100 50 10 650
4 500 500 200 200 100 50 20 1,550
5 1000 1000 500 500 200 100 50 50 3,350
6 1500 1500 1000 1000 500 200 100 100 5,800
7 3000 3000 1500 1500 1000 500 200 50 150 10,750
8 6000 6000 3000 3000 1500 1000 500 100 50 300 21,150
9 12000 12000 6000 6000 3000 1500 1000 200 100 50 600 41,850
10 25000 25000 12000 12000 6000 3000 1500 400 200 100 50 1200 85,250

Traps and troops regenerate at a rate of 10% every 6 minutes.[1]

Fighting in the Wilderness

Note that the determined by the combat skill of both your knight and your research levels in Fletching, Metal Alloys, Poisoned Edge and Healing Potions. You can also enhance your troops battling by applying some items, such as: Blood Lust, Blood Frenzy, Barkskin and Stoneskin.

{C}Send as many militia or supply troops as there are traps in the first wave, and they will all be sacrificed to the traps.

Tip: If you make a mistake with sending the second wave too late or too early, you can substitute scouts for the first wave to prevent the loss of more expensive archers or siege.

Crests in the Wilderness

Starting with the Tournament of Crests, crests started dropping in the game. These are needed to build your third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh cities.

For more information, see crest and Crest_Drop_Research.

Newer Released crests : Galahad, Percival and King Arthur crests are meant to be available in wilds now; they can be found in Lvl 8+ wilds.

Morgana, Mordred,, Pendragon and Lady of the Lake Seals have also been released. They are found in lvl 8+ wilds and, generally, are harder to find.

New research from confirmed data suggest level 8 has the Highest rate of crest drops for 5th 6th and 7th cities.

Multi-wave Attacks

Your rally point must be at least LVL 2 to send two attacks from the same location. You must also have at least 2 idle knights not assigned to a role or on a march. You need to time the 2 waves so that the archers arrive 1-15 seconds after the militia. You need fletching researched to higher than the level of the wilderness you are attacking to limit your losses. Make your immediately after the 1st wave as traps will begin to respawn within 1-2 minutes and will kill your troops in Wave 2. To help with coordinating one of the slowest type in the first wave along with the second. On attacks with ballistae, add 1 ballista to the militia wave to slow down the first wave. The Troop Speed page has a link to a web-based calculator which includes all skill effects. You can follow the link here: KoC Troop Speed Calculator.

Optimal Situations

It is possible to completely overwhelm any level wilderness to achieve nearly zero lost troops while conquering wildernesses or searching for crests. This also shows practical amounts of troops. Here is a basic chart that indicates the troops needed to defeat different levels:

Wave 1 - Suicide Squad
to use up traps
Wave 2 - Main Attack
Troop Losses Minimum



Point {C}Leve

1 5% n/a 160 milita 8 milita 0 1
1 5% n/a 60 swordsmen OR pikes OR 80 archers None 1+ 1+


5 militia

500 militia

130 archers


1st Wave

127 militia



2+ {C}2+



10 militia

520 archers

1st Wave





20 militia

1,600 archers

1st Wave





50 militia

2,200 archers OR 300 ballistae

1st Wave



6 30% 100 militia

3,000 archers OR 700 ballistae

1st Wave



7 35%

150 militia

6,000 archers OR 1,800 ballistae

1st Wave



8 40%

299 miltia + 1 ballista OR

  • 300 militia

9,111 archers + 1000 ballistae


3,300 ballistae


  • 48,600 archers-ARCHERS LOST

1st Wave+ 1 archer


1st Wave


9 45%

599 militia + 1 ballista

13,137 archers + 1,700 ballistae


5,500 ballistae


  • 11,250 ballistae

1st Wave





1st Option 1199 militia + 1 catapult {C}

2nd Option {C}1200 militia

a) 35,000 archers + 2,500 catapults


b) 10,425 catapults


c) 69500 archers + 3000 catapults

2nd Option 1 militia + 99,999 archers

1st Wave +

6 Archers & 50 catapults


1st Wave + 50 catapults


1st wave + 5 archers

2nd Option

1st wave plus 1500 archers



10 50% 1199 militia
1 catapult

10,425 catapults

1st Wave



10 50%

1199 Milita men + 1 Catapult

Second Option: 1200 militia

Third Option :

1199 mm + 1 Catapult

134292 Archers + 11689 Ballista + 4019 Catapults

90k Catapults

14k Archers, 65k Ballista,1k Rams,10k Catapults

4 Archers

1st Wave

No Losses







  • Note: All combat fletching, metal alloys, poisoned edge, and healing potions should be at least one level above the wilderness level. If all are not then there may be more losses than expected.
  • Note: #'s here do not always work as I encountered back to back ballistae on lv 7 and lv 6 wilds containing 399 and 168 respectively. This resulted in a loss of 2446 and 1101 respectively. In addition, the lv 7 lake contained 5000 each of wood, stone, and ore.
  • On some domains a handful of wilderness have incorrect troops on them. You may encounter Ballista on lvl 6 and 7 wilds, Catapults on lvl 8 wilds, and a mix of troops meant for lvl 5-7 wilds such as Heavy Cavalry, Archers, and Swordsmen on lvl 1 plains. These wilds should be considered as a bug and avoided during crest hunting.

Note: Please keep attack scenarios low and be practical. Simple and obvious is best. There is no reason for making everyone buy 3 DI's. Low level wilds are fine; don't mess with them. Please, make everything have the lowest complexity possible.

Alternatives with Losses

The table below shows options for when circumstances are less than perfect and the player considers some losses as acceptable. Not recommended for sustainable crest hunting.

Wilderness Level Resource Bonus Wave 1 Wave 2 Troop Losses



Rally Comments
7 35%
  • 85k MM + 5k archers
  • 5k archers
  • 142 MM + 9 archers
  • 150 archers
10 9

Single Wave Crest Hunting

  • Denotes alternative
8 40 299MM + 1 Ballista 8000 Archers + 800 Ballistas
  • 1 Wave
  • 4 Archers
  • 50 Billista
8 8

2 wave Cresting

  • Denotes Alternative
8 40%

80k MM + 9k archers + 1k ballistae

  • 96,500 MM + 3,500 ballistae

267 MM + 31 archers + 4 ballistae

  • 290 MM + 11 ballistae



Single Wave Crest Hunting

  • Denotes alternative
8 40% 11,750 archers 775 archers 9 2+ Fast hunting
8 40% 299 MM 1 MM + 11,500 archers 475 archers 9 2+
9 45% 599 MM 1 MM + 43,425 archers 1,063 archers 9 5+ Note equal fletching levels of player and wilderness.
9 45% 599 MM 1 MM + 65,000 archers 923 archers 9 5+ Note equal fletching levels of player and wilderness.
9 45% 599 MM + 1 ballista 20,000 archers + 2,000 ballistae 2 archers + 100 ballistae 9 4+ Note equal fletching levels of player and wilderness.



24,000 archers

  • 80k archers +9kmm + 1k ballista

1383 archers

  • 7 ballista 620 archers and 60 mm
10 8+ Fast hunting
9 45% 600 MM 1 MM + 27,000 archers 783 archers 10 3+
10 50% 1199 MM + 1 ballista 37,500 archers + 2,000 ballistae 1,006 Archers + 450 ballistae 9 4+ Take note of lvl 9 Fletching
10 50% 1,199 MM + 1 ballista 23,000 ballistae 402 ballistae 10 3+ Worst possible method. Archers only is cheaper resource-wise.


50% 1,200 MM 1 MM + 63,000 archers 2,126 archers 10 7+ Least possible losses without catapults.
10 50%

1200 MM

1 Cata[ult

12000 Ballista +

30000 Cataputls

50 Catapults 10 11

Level 10 Guardian (+20% HP)

Knight with 168 points



1199 MM 1 ballista

63,000 archer 10,000 Ballista

1006 archer

400 ballistae

10 8+

Level 9 Guardian,

knight with 99 skill.



1199 MM

1 Ballista

63,000 Archer

10,000 Ballista

1005 Archer

300 Ballista



Level 9 Guardian

Knight 114

10 50% 1199MM 1 catapult

30,000 Ballista / 6,000 Catapult / 300 Ram

First Wave 11 10

L10 Guardian

Second wave knight combat skill 143

10 50% 1199MM 1 catapult 15000 Ballista


15000 cat

First Wave Only

No losses

11 10 Level 9 Guardian

Knight 114 Minimum i have done it with EJIZ 42

7 35%
  • 2kmm and one ballista
  • 142 MM + 9 archers
  • 150 archers
10 9
  • add these to wiki, im not good at source coding. 50k scouts can take only 60 scout losses lvl 4 guardian and lvl 9 healing potions. also, 1000 scouts can have a loss of 125 scouts same losses. very good for quick take for a lvl 1 plain for a far away city

Level 10:(I'm not getting the coding either)25362 pike,11161 swords,29308archer 13981 HC )9188 bals,1000 catapults. Loss 37 HC. Note level 11 fletching,level 11 rally point and level 9 Ore Guardian.

If you abandon a wilderness, it replenishes troops, loot, and crests immediately. It is possible to quickly secure and abandon wildernesses close to a city to reduce marching times and gather crests rather quickly.

As an alternative method to losing a siege weapon (ballista or catapult) in the first wave with your militia, you can send your slower wave first. By doing this you can view the "Troop Activity" tab and time your second wave of pure militia to hit first. This way you lose one more militia man and no siege weapon for the trap clearing.

Example: Level 8 Wilderness suggests "wave 1: 299 militias + 1 ballista and wave 2: 12000 archers + 800 ballistae." - You lose 299 militias and 1 ballista from the first wave and 1 archer from the second.

Using the alternative method "wave 1: 12000 archers + 800 ballistae and wave 2: 300 militias" - You lose all of the second wave (militiamen) and only 1 archer in the first wave.

This method requires you to monitor the march times so you can send the militiamen marching so they hit 1-30 seconds prior to the first wave. The 2nd wave must hit first in this case.

There is a troop marching speed calculator here.

Types of Wildernesses


Mountains increase your ore production.


Woods increase your wood production.


Hills increase your stone production.



Grasslands increase your food production.


Lakes increase your food production.


Plains are where you build new cities.


Bogs are impenetrable wilds. They cannot be conquered or attacked.

Dark Forests

Boss lvl1

Dark Forest

Dark Forest spawn on Random Bogs every 6 hours.

**UPDATE 10-04-11**

The Dark Forests are beginning to appear in Bogs all over Camelot. Search your map for Bogs to find those that have been transformed into Dark Forests. Thankfully, not all Bogs within the Kingdom have yet been transformed so be sure to search diligently. Ridding Camelot of the Dark Forests may be difficult as it is rumored that when one is destroyed, another one opens somewhere else mere hours later.

No two Dark Forests are the same. Each contains a different assortment of creatures for you to battle. As this threat has only just begun to plague Camelot, there are currently only levels 1-4 to be found. Dark Forests of the same level do NOT contain identical creatures of identical strength.

Within the Dark Forests you will find never before seen creatures, stronger than anything you have ever encountered in Camelot. Thankfully, Scouts have proven to be very adept at identifying what inhabits a Dark Forest; so much so, in fact, that it only takes one Scout to provide a reliable report of what creatures await you inside.

To dispel a Dark Forest, you will need to defeat all of the creatures that inhabit it. This is done in the same way that you would attack a rival city. Locate the Dark Forest on your map, click on it and then click “Attack”. Choose the attacking Troops, apply boosts, select a Knight and march your army into battle.

The creatures within the Dark Forests are a new threat to Camelot. Battling them is unpredictable and emerging victorious with little to no losses is extremely unlikely. That being said, certain troop types are better against certain foes and it will take experience to determine these factors.
You’ve probably noticed that your troops have a ‘type’ associated with them in the troop training modal. These types (infantry, ranged, horsed, siege, defense) will be used in the Dark Forests to determine a ‘trumping’ effect. Generally, infantry trump horsed; horsed trump ranged; and ranged trump infantry. All three of them trump siege; siege trumps defense; and defense trumps infantry, ranged, and horsed. Likewise, your foes will have these same types.
Lossless combat is impossible in the Dark Forests; powerful cultists, dangerous monsters, and the encroaching corruption of the Dark Forests themselves make them inherently deadly places to venture into. Never the less, coming to an understanding of the type of foe you are facing will help you determine which troops to send and how many over time.

Dispelling a Dark Forest will earn you several rewards- a vast amount of Gold, a chance for an item (including premium items such as a Divine Providence or Divine Inspiration, for example) and a significant amount of experience for your Knight. Furthermore, repeated victories may provide valuable intel on how to deal with future Dark Forests.

Info is from Kabam -

Seems that Level 1 Dark Forests have a consistent amount of creatures in them. 1,000 Wanderers of Nin. To defeat with few losses, send 3K archers, 1 Scout and 1 Cav or HC. You will only lose 1 Cav or HC each time. Gifts will still be won on level 1 Dark Forest.

Battle at Dark Forest Lv.1 (273,439)

Oct 06, 09:10 PM ... Llamrei 217

You were victorious!

  • Gold1150
  • Food0
  • Wood0
  • Stone0
  • Ore0
  • Blood Frenzy1

The Scout fought valiantly against the Wanderer of Din Back to ReportsAttackers (Jacksolot) - (280,436) Winner *Knight Combat Skill: 132

Troops Fought Survived
Scout 1 1
Archer 3,000 3,000
Heavy Cavalry 1


Currently, these are the types of creatures found in the Dark Forests. More may appear as higher level bogs begin to turn into Dark Forests.

Unit 101 30
Wanderer of Din-vulnerable to Archers

Unit 102 30
Blade of Netzekt- Vulernable to Militiamen, Swordsmen

Unit 103 30
Arm of Gevrah-Vulnerable to Heavy Cavalry

Unit 104 30
Priest of Neshod - Vulnerable to Archers

All creatures in a Dark Forest must be destroyed for a player to be victorious |}

Capture 1

Victory on level four Dark Forest.


Victory against level four Dark Forest

Owning a Wilderness

For each city, you can own one wilderness per level of your castle. The level of your castle does not affect the levels of wildernesses you can own. For example, if you have a Lvl 7 castle, you may own up to 7 wildernesses of any type and any level. The exceptions to this are a Lvl 11 castle, in which may own up to 12 wildernesses, and a Lvl 12 castle, in which you may own up to 14 wildernesses.

You can attack a wildernesses with all your slots filled but you won't be able to conquer them (ie. you will not receive the percentage increase in productivity and you will not fulfill a quest). You may be able to win the battle and "secure" the wilderness but you will not "conquer" it. However, even wilds that you cannot own may contain crests and do contain very small resource deposits, both of which will be claimed after securing the location.

Since July 20th, 2010 you can defend your wildernesses by adding traps or hiring mercenaries.

For Information on defending your Wildernesses, see Owned Wilderness Defenses


  1. See table 2
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