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A watch tower will give you warning of impending attack. The higher the level of your watch tower, the more

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specific information you will receive. A watch tower is built in a City and provides alerts only for attacks against the city in which it is built. It is highly recommended that you build one in every city.

When you are attacked, the tab for the city being attacked will turn red and the information about the attack will appear in the box that normally links to the in game guide in the top left corner of your screen. Clicking on the link will show each incoming attack and give you information appropriate to the level of your watch tower.


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Level Construction Food Wood Stone Ore
1 Lv2 Barracks 150 1,000 3,000 300
2 Lv2 Barracks 300 2,000 6,000 600
3 Lv2 Barracks 600 4,000 12,000 1,200
4 Lv2 Barracks 1,200 8,000 24,000 2,400
5 Lv2 Barracks 2,400 16,000 48,000 4,800
6 Lv2 Barracks 4,800 32,000 96,000 9,600
7 Lv2 Barracks 9,600 64,000 192,000 19,200
8 Lv2 Barracks 19,200 128,000 384,000 38,400
9 Lv2 Barracks 38,400 256,000 768,000 76,800
10 Lv2 Barracks , Divine Inspiration 76,800 512,000 1,536,000 153,600


Level Yield
1 Warns you of an impending attack.
2 Tells you the purpose of an impending attack (Plunder or Scout).
3 Tells you the arrival time of an impending attack.
4 Tells you the Title and Alliance of the Player sending an impending attack.
5 Gives you an estimate of the total troops in an impending attack.
6 Tells you the troop types in an impending attack.
7 Gives you an estimate of how many of each troop type are in an impending attack.
8 Tells you the exact number of troops in an impending attack.
9 Tells you the combat skill of the knight leading an impending attack.
10 Tells you the research levels of the player sending an impending attack.
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