Vice Chancellor is one of the ranks in an alliance. A Vice Chancellor is a member of the court and so will receive messages to the court, diplomacy changed letters and requests to join the alliance. Vice Chancellors look after the alliance while the Chancellor is not on line. Vice Chancellors also have the ability to change alliance diplomacy. Alliances tend to have 4-6 Vice Chancellors.


In some alliances, Vice Chancellors may be given responsibilities such as:

  • Accepting or Declining requests to join the alliance/sending out invitations to the alliance.
  • Looking after the alliances resources.
  • Leading group attacks.
  • Representing the alliance on Global Chat.
  • Looking after diplomacy with other alliances.
  • Maintaining and increasing member activity.
  • Logging attacks made by and against the alliance.

Some Chancellors prefer to do some of these jobs themselves.

How to become a Vice Chancellor

Not everyone becomes a Vice Chancellor, some people don't want to. Some people like to play the game without worrying so much about what goes on behind the scenes. However, if you do want to become a Vice Chancellor then it might be a good idea to read these tips.

  1. Be active in chat, reply to people when they start a conversation, try starting conversations when chat is silent, this will get you noticed by the Chancellor and other members of the court.
  2. Get to know people. This links to the one before, if you talk to people then they will get to know you and you them.
  3. Help out when people need resources, if you have resources spare and people need them then there's no need to keep them. This will get you known as being helpful and generous.
  4. Help out when the alliance is attacking someone, anyone can help to attack an enemy, even taking their wilds or sending in militiamen to take out their traps helps. However, as you get more troops it helps if you use those to attack the enemy rather than just stealing wilds.
  5. Help friendly alliances nearby when possible. Being able to keep good relations outside the alliance makes you a good prospect to lead the alliance.
  6. Inform new members to the alliance in the best ways to defend themselves and grow strong.
  7. Build lists of useful locations in your provinces for other members to use. Knowing where the best wilds are and where abandoned cities are shows your interest in growth overall.
  8. Be friendly and supportive of any suggestions and if you don't agree, politely respond and don't put down people for having what are in your opinion bad ideas.

These will not guarantee you a place in the court but it can get you noticed by the Chancellor for a good reason, if you show yourself to them as being Vice Chancellor material then maybe, just maybe you'll get a place.

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