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The Vice-Chancellor is an adjutant to the Chancellor of an Alliance. The term Vice-Chancellor is usually abbreviated to "VC" "V.C." and even "Vice". Some alliances refer to Chancellors and Vice Chancellors by other names depending on a theme. This can include "General" and "Colonel" or "Lieutenant", "King" and "Prince" or "Duke", and even some more playful alliances using terms like "Pilot" and "Nav" or personally created terms for their own uses. Vice Chancellors have the power to demote lower members, kick lower members, and change alliance diplomacy status. Usually, a Vice Chancellor will be assigned to a specific role or set of tasks to maintain on behalf of the Chancellor. These can range from recruiting to organizing attacks to managing resources and even external affairs.

Vice Chancellors, though usually not weak members of an alliance, are not commonly the strongest members in pure might. Frequently, members who are productive in areas other than combat will be chosen as Vice Chancellors to better assist the alliance as a whole and allow members who focus on might and combat to not deal with other issues. Most Vice Chancellors are glad to accept such roles and likely take more pleasure in the social aspects of the game. This makes them, frequently, the most trusted members to a Chancellor, and without parallel in their positions.

Members of an Alliance who wish to become a Vice Chancellor should focus on if their desire for the title are based on wanting a promotion or to help their alliance grow. In seeking a position as a Vice Chancellor, one should look closely at what best helps the alliance and how to not only perform that task, but become more efficient at it and find ways to teach that skill to others. A good step in this process is usually asking the Chancellor of an alliance if the alliance needs any help overall. If none is needed, become productive in a way that benefits the alliance. This could include building relations with other members, building relations and friendships with other alliances, supporting members of your alliance with constant assistance in assisting in building and research, supplying resources, or garrisoning troops when a member is about to be attacked. It is, however, usually suggested or required that a member remains frequently active over a long period of time before becoming a Vice Chancellor.

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