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    State of the Wiki

    August 24, 2010 by Marodex

    The Wiki continues to live and evolve and we are approaching 200 contributors. Obviously not all of them are active but seeing as we still have 30 people who have logged in the last 2 days we seem to have a healthy base of members that are working on the wiki. In the near future I will start putting in a couple revisions here and there to simplify the entries. The research pages for wilderness, barbarian camps and the overall battle system needs to be a little bit better arranged. I am open for any suggestions on how we can simplify these tables and still keep the necessary information. Thanks again for all your hard work, I am glad we have so many people that love this game and that I literally have to race our contributors to add somethi…

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  • Marodex

    It now has been almost 3 months since I started this wiki and as you can see with the help of the lot of you it has come to life and is now one of the KoC related sites with the highest amount of information. I am STILL looking for more walkthroughs, guides or personal experiences. In the next days I will start taking some guides from other websites who have given me the permission to do so and open up a new branch to put all these in. I am hoping that you guys will take your time and update and expand these but also add your own experiences because it is what makes a wiki such a great source of information.

    One other note is that when you upload content from KoC or any other sites to make sure to flag the pictures with their corresponding licen…

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