MailleMan MailleMan 24 October 2010


Just thought I would let you all know who I am. I am The Maille Man. I am an active player with KOC, and have made and maintain the website and forum for my alliance.

In the real world, I am a cab driver. I make Chainmaille, and am currently working on building my own business making and selling chainmaille. But don't let my chosen job and work throw you off. I work far below by skill set. I am an electrician by trade, and have worked in 8 different fields in the past 10 years.

I have a wife and two sons. my youngest son was born this past Wednesday (10/20/2010). As there is no work in my trade, I CHOOSE to take whatever work I am able to.

More to come. That is about all the time I have at the moment.

Happy Hunting!

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