"IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE A FARM!!!" Defensive Guide. (things you should already know)

Delete Topic|Reply to Topic 1. Build Build Build - make sure you use your resources as fast as possible. Post help and spam your alliance to click it. It pays to post. If your might is based mainly on your buildings you wont be able to lose much might.

2. Research Research Research - Researching uses your gold so make sure you research as often as possible. It pays to post help just like upgrading buildings. Try to research shrinking powder up to lvl 9 it helps hide more resources. A player with lvl 9 eagle eyes that ses you have lvl 9 storage and lvl 9 shriniking powder will think twice before attacking. It will take 8 DIs to finish researching everything to lvl 10, think about the investment.

3. Defenses - build your defenses up at least in the field, building field defenses up to 22500 spaces (lvl 9 walls) can take a little over 1 day to build (provided you have the resources) and it gives you might. Some attackers are afraid to attack a castle that is full of defenses. For example it took a player (wont mention names) 11 attacks to get through my defenses in both of my cities (at teh time I only had 2) and lost over 250K might while doing it.

4. Train Train Train - if you see that you are about to be attacked (or have a feeling that someone can see you as a farm) then train troops with the resources you have. If you have a ton of troops in sanctuary, a player with a high lvl eagle eyes will see this, lots of troops means in this case, you might fight back. This will deter some from attacking. Soon as you get enough might you dont ahve to worry too much about this.

5. Be active - if any player notices that your might has not grown in a few days they will attack. It is a tactic, that is often used. If your alliance has a rule not to attack an allianced castle it does not mean that all alliances have the same rule. Come online once a day 5 minutes is all you need to set buildings to upgrade, build defenses and to train troops. For those that have Eagle Eyes lvl 10 just logging is enough for them.

If I dint do the above mentioned regularly then I would have become a farm, even at over 1 mil might. Think about that.

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