Adrom Adrom 25 August 2010

Merlin's Magickal Tokens

From what I have noticed since the last sets of changes there are quite a few different ways to get Merlin's Tokens.

1. Helping a Friend Build or Research - when a friend posts help in facebook then you have a single chance to get a merlin's Token. You can help as many ppl as you want but you only get one token. If you help someone build then you wont get a token for helping someone research and vise versa. This token can be saved.

2. Look What I Won - If your friends share that they won something in Merlin's Boxes you have a small chance of getting a Merlin's token by "visiting the wizard". There is only 1 Token available for 1 person so you have to be fast. This token can be saved.

3. Chest Post - sometime in the game you will have a pop up…

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Adrom Adrom 25 August 2010


Delete Topic|Reply to Topic 1. Build Build Build - make sure you use your resources as fast as possible. Post help and spam your alliance to click it. It pays to post. If your might is based mainly on your buildings you wont be able to lose much might.

2. Research Research Research - Researching uses your gold so make sure you research as often as possible. It pays to post help just like upgrading buildings. Try to research shrinking powder up to lvl 9 it helps hide more resources. A player with lvl 9 eagle eyes that ses you have lvl 9 storage and lvl 9 shriniking powder will think twice before attacking. It will take 8 DIs to finish researching everything to lvl 10, think about the investment.

3. Defenses - build your defenses up at least …

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Adrom Adrom 25 August 2010

Interesting DI Fact

I was curious to find out how many DIs I would need to completly upgrade my cities to have everything at lvl 10. So I calculated:

every city has upto 73 buildings and fields to upgrade.

I have 3 cities but I want to have a 4th soon.

so that gives me 3 cities with 219 to upgrade 4 cities with 292 to upgrade

Thats alot of DIs I would need. But how much would that cost me if i was to go out and buy them all at once? (i know its a crazy thought lol)

Normal price for 1 DI is 50 gems, so that means I would need to pay for 10,950 to 14,600 gems to get what i need, running at 10 gems for 1 USD that will make it 1,095 to 1460 USD.

But wait......a Divine Asscension Chest holds 5 DIs in it and only costs 200 gems saving me 50 gems per set.

For 3 cities you …

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