Because personal experience really matters.

What it does not matter is my name so I'm not going to say it. Neither my age. If you want to know some random stuff about me I'll only say that I've been playing Kingdoms of Camelot since April 2010 and my first domain was Arthur 65. This wiki has been really helpful to me since I never liked asking questions over and over again to my allies and I decided to contribute with a little bit of the best of me. I make editions on pages and, in this page of mine, I take some notes for myself and share them to you. Because personal experience really matters.

When I visit Barbarian Camps I do not have to fight, I always find supply wagons full of resources waiting for me to take them.

Fletching 10
Poisoned Edge 9
Healing Potions 9
Metal Alloys 9
Knight's Combat Skill 55
Barbarian Camps Level 1 600 Cavalry
Barbarian Camps Level 2 1750 Cavalry
Barbarian Camps Level 3 4200 Cavalry
Barbarian Camps Level 4 9500 Archers
Barbarian Camps Level 5 11800 Archers
Barbarian Camps Level 6 24000 Archers

Last edition, September 13th 2010.


Tipo Cantidad Comida Madera Piedra Mineral
Tropas de Suministro 22475
Milicianos 22475
Exploradores 22475
Piqueros 22475
Espadachines 22475
Arqueros 11225
Caballeria Ligera 7475
Caballeria Pesada 3725
Carretas 5600
Ballistas 4475
Arietes 2787
Catapultas 2225

Last edition, November 16th 2010.

Building: Defensive units

Building defensive units
Tipo Cantidad Alimentos Madera Piedra Mineral
Barreras de picos 7500 1,125,000 5,625,000 370,000
Ballestas de muro 11250 2,812,500 28,125,000 8,437,500 5,625,000
Total FULL 3,937,500 33,750,000 8,474,500 5,625,000

Last edit: November 16th 2010

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