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Description: Cumpass is old Celtic word for singing and this is an alliance for happy folks
Founder: Lord Wisdom
Members: 88
Ranking: 3

Chancellor: Lady Moll

Domain: Rhon(6)

Motto: Build, research, train and HIDE and Might makes right.

Policies: We do not war without reason. We do not like bullies. We do not farm actives (except in war). Cheating is not tolerated. Cumpass is a family. We are not aiming to be the Number One alliance.

History: Cumpass was founded by Lord Wisdom in December 2009. It was not long after the alliance started that members were attacked by Lord Shadow420. This resulted in the alliance's first war which was against his alliance: Shadow's Gate. Shadow420 eventually left Shadow's Gate to form Thieves of Honour and so Cumpass began to fight on two fronts. However, the new leadership of Shadow's Gate decided that they did not want to fight Cumpass and so peace was made between the two. The war against Thieves of Honour ended when Shadow420 became inactive in early 2010. Cumpass was now in the top twenty alliances. Cumpass was not at peace for long. A top ten alliance called Hells Angels was winning in a war against an alliance friendly with Cumpass. This alliance asked Cumpass's strongest fighter at the time, Lord Larsen, to help them. He did this by wiping out their Chancellor's, Lord SirWhite's, cities. This started the first of many wars between Cumpass and Hells Angels/The Black Horde of Hells. These wars were fought both with troops and verbally during many arguments on Global chat. During these wars many accusations and taunts were sent through messages, whispers and chat, including nicknames and at one point an offer to end it all in a one on one combat (the person sending this challenge scouted the cities of the person he challenged everyday) followed by accusations of cowardice and unworthiness to lead the alliance. During one war, some of the members of Cumpass left to form a new alliance, led by Lady LolaLaDevine. In it's last two wars, Cumpass has been allied with The Garuda and Volterra. Cumpass was recently joined by some of Grey Wardens Elite. The Black Horde of Hells announced that it was closing down on the 25th of September and split, some going to A New Beginning (a new alliance) and others going to Council of Ni (a top ten alliance) after Cumpass didn't go friendly on their new alliance, thats life. Council of Ni declared war on Cumpass on the 3rd of October for "bullying" ex-members of BHOH who had formed an alliance called thats life. This war has ended now. Cumpass went to war with c est la vie (thats life) after a mass attack (including Council of Ni and Volterra) on one of their members. Today there was a mass attack on Nottube, he portaled and Doved. Both of these are things that "only cowards do," in the policy of his alliance. The attacks were then centred on Nafe, the c est la vie Chancellor.

Cumpass and OogaBooga/Se7en

It is well known on Rhon that Cumpass and several other alliances will hound Lord Se7en (Formerly Lord OogaBooga) wherever he goes on the domain. This is because of the language he uses, which includes swearing, threats against players and their families and other forms of abuse. Most of the alliance is agreed that this has no place in a game which is accessible to people at the age of thirteen and with knowledge that children under thirteen may use it. An example of his behaviour would be his argument with Lord Jeffay. After Jeffay told him that his mother had died several months ago, Se7en sent him messages asking how his mother was. After being blocked he named one of his cities "YaMomsDeadJeff" and later named his one man alliance in the same way. He is currently being attacked by several other alliances including Order of the Paladins and Council of Ni. He has recently rejoined c est la vie.



Lady Moll (February-April. July-Present.)(Shares with Lord Wisdom.)

Vice Chancellors:

Lord Wisdom (Chancellor December-February. April-July.)

Lord Hellslayer

Lord JohnSky

Lady KimHill

Lord NightGhost

Lord sghsdfg

Lady WhiteFairy


Lord Allanon

Lord DoUrden

Lord DragonFarmer

Lady Ixolite

Lady Keran

Lord Nemesis


Lord Pecivale

Lady Rhianwen

Lord Sebastchen

Lady Selisity

Lord Skyhawk

Lord Trueheart

Lady Willumina

Current War (if any):

vs. c est la vie

Previous Wars (From first to latest):

vs. Shadows Gate (Now disbanded)

vs. Thieves of Honour (Now disbanded)

vs. Hells Angels/The Black Horde of Hells (x5/6) (Now disbanded)

vs. Council of Ni and Order of the Paladins (Order of the Paladins is an alliance made of people who used to belong to Shadows Gate.)

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