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About me

I love to help people anyway I can

Every bit of my knowledge that I can give is makes me happy

Other than that, Im a humble Lady residing in Caliburn37, and run wild and Vice Chancellor with the Knights of Corstophine. Although I am a peaceful Lady, I will not take crap from anyone, cross my path the wrong way and I will stomp you. Those that walk the path with me will find out that I am very generous, helpful and wise.


Ask me

If you want to ask me anything pertaining to the game go right ahead I will love to help if i can. Following subjects that im good at.

  • Defense
  • Merlin's Magical Boxes (soon to be more info)
  • tba

Ideas and Suggestions from Me

  1. I have been playing this game for a few months now and have seen how much this game has grown. So because of that I went to the official KoC Forums and made the suggestion that we should start our own Game Convention. You can read the little bit that i wrote about it here. I also included a poll on the forum thread so that anyone can vote on the idea itsself (not the contents). If you have any suggestions on what we could be doing in our convention then just reply to the thread with your idea. The more people that vote and reply the better the chance will be that we get the convention :-).

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