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Resources may be moved from one city to another city in the same alliance. While all soldiers are able to carry some amount of material with them, large amounts of material are transported in supply wagons, and to a lesser degree by Supply Troops. Due to the way movement works in Camelot, other players cannot block transport of resources into or out of any city. It is impossible to transfer resources to another player that are not in the same alliance as you. For this, see markets.

How to do it

Method 1: From the Map, click on the destination city. If the city is in your alliance, there will be a Transport button to click on.

Method 1: Click the transport button at the destination city.

Method 2: From the source city, click on the Rally point. Click the March Troops tab, then choose March Type "Transport". Choose the destination city from your bookmarks.

Any mix of resources can be sent on a transport mission, and a knight is not needed to accompany it.

Typical Uses

  • Resupply: Keeping a large army at a city fed.
  • Escape: Just before an attack by a overwhelming force, it is possible to deny the attacker gold and excess resources that are not protected by one's storehouse. One million units of resources will require approximately 150 wagons.
  • Relieving shortages: There may be unusual surges in demand for particular building resources. Having a few hundred wagons at each city can relieve these temporary shortages.

Transporting does not result in the loss of beginner protection, though you are moving troops out of your encampment.


All troops are able to transport resources. How much they can carry, depends on your research level of Featherweight Powder. Each additional level of your Featherweight Powder increases troops load by 10%.

The most commonly used troops to transports are Supply Troops and Supply Wagons with supply troops being available earlier, but less maximum load than the supply wagons. Cavalry are also used for their speed and load capacity.

  • TIP - Once you have the transport screen up, you'll see that all troop types except Supply Troops and Supply Wagons are grayed out. There is a small check box in the upper right corner of the transport screen. If you uncheck this box, you can use other troop types to transport your resources.

See troops for troop speed and load capability.

Relief Station

For transporting resources, the Relief Station is especially valuable since it can speed shipments up to six times faster. A shipment of food that arrives in 20 minutes rather than 2 hours can mean saving large numbers of troops from starvation.

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