FIRST LET ME EXPLAIN: I do not like glory , it can ruin the GAME! So i give this information in hopes everyone reads it.

  1. 1... Glory is recieved at higher/lower rates UP TO 2.5 mill +/- Your Might. Less if less (or defending) and More if More.
  1. 2... Glory tounys are like Might tounys in that (if you have a friend or allternet accout) Build MM at full speed, (min 7 cottages) and have the Smaller attack with his/her most powerfull troops (cats if you have them).
  1. 3... Leave your Alliance and make a new one or join a small one of just your friends (Real World)
  1. 4... If your pray is way over 2.5mill greater than you ask them to stop using deffencive Wood Guardian... Unless you have zero losses with your troops (i.e. the one doing the attacking.)
  1. 5... Wilderness's do not coun't for might... <<Need to verify please using deffending troops reinforced from a city>>>
  1. 6... Wall defences will gain you Zero Glory... (defending can get you up to 250 glory if all stars line up)
  1. 7... MOST IMPORTANT: If you have two accounts, and you use these taktics in more than two domains simutaniosly you will be caugt... and who realy needs that many gems anyway.
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