The Throne Room is a new feature as of late February , Early March; that will allow players to collect and show off Throne Room Items During Battles while gaining bonuses to their troops, knights and even their entire Kingdom. Throne Room Items come in five types: Throne, Window, Tapestry, Relic, and Seneschal. As in most MMORPGs items are found and collected; never stolen or destroyed (involuntarily). Each of the five types can contain any combination of 60 "effects" for self & 28 "effects" for your enemy. (Debuff or Buff) The Throne Room "Card" Can currently be upgraded or enhanced. This process uses Aetherstone and is costly. Whenever you delete a card you get back aetherstone. So for all you bot users,stop hitting Dark forests and go to crest and set your cresting up to hit a level 8-10 Wild for maximum effect. Make sure you have all wilds in your cities so you do not accidentally Take the wild you are trying to gain from.


You have a Common with 2% range 1% range 10% Chance To Find Items 0.01 Accuracy, Well if you upgrade this with Aetherstone whith the Throne Room Bot , you will get the 2 range to a 12 by lvl 4 . Just think of the others and what levels they can be if you put enough energy into setting up your bots.

Note When Upgrading or Enhancing, you can do this process within 4 hours to 1 week.

Types of Items are

Simple , Common , Uncommon , Rare , Epic and Wondrous. Their is a Unique , but is not currently available as of 5/8/2012.

Everytime you enhance you gain rows on your card, each upgrade gives you an extra row. Their are a total of 5 rows.

When Enhancing you can max it out up to a level 10, The most I have seen anyone do it without buying speed ups etc is a level 5, Don't fret Tables and Thrones can get range, Advizer is just for your cities and the banners are mostly for debuffs.

Each Item Gives you might, The higher the level whether it be level 1 or 10 the more might you get.

Level 9 has the highest might of 3.5 million, When you go to a level 10 you lose a million , as your item is maxed.

How do I do this?

Go to Bot , whilst in the map feature, Get a lvl 8-10 Owned player wild with nothing gaurding it, set yourself up to hit it with the max amount of troops you can do, when you do lower amounts, it takes longer for them to do so, best make a time limit of 3-4 minutes per march. Also set it up so First and second attacks have a complete attack setup , this allows you too hit twice the amount at the same time.


Throne Room Items, Earn you might, Wisdom and over all Enjoyment.

You get items with diffrent Factions and you use thei capablities to enhance you game play.

Throne Room Range Cards, Range , Double Range and Triple Range Cards

12 Inventory Rows for keeping your stuff.

**3 are Free**

  • 4 = 2 Gems holding 20 Cards
  • 5 = 4 Gems Holding 25 Cards
  • 6 = 8 Gems Holding 30 Cards
  • 7 = 12 Gems Holding 35 Cards
  • 8 = 15 Gems Holding 40 Cards
  • 9 = 20 Gems Holding 45 Cards
  • 10 = 25 Gems Holding 50 Cards
  • 11 = 30 Gems Holding 55 Cards
  • 12 = 35 Gems Holding 60 Cards
  • TOTAL: 151 Gems for full Rows.

8 Stats: How to combine and use.

***First 2 Stats are Free**

Not Current Gem Prices:

  • Costing 10 Gems Each.
  • All 8 Stats Spaces will cost you 60 Gems
  • Lets see if someone can convence them to let items used in Stats to move up list or better yet let us organize them better.

Edit Charts With player Data.

Throne Room Cresting
Level First hit Second Hit Type of Wild % Edit Me









PVP Player Verse Player Data, Upgrade with Data Info.

PVP Throne Room
Player Might Attack Range Health Bonus To Wall # of Hits N/A N/A N/A N/A

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