Here is the Problem:


Base speed: "the time it takes a single troop to travel (x,y) (0,1 or 1,0) spaces with level 0 magical mapping and level 0 alloy horseshoes." *example: Militiamen travel 1,0 spaces in 30s so 30s will be the base speed of the militia

Ok! Now, I have been conducting manual tests on a new domain since I have not researched any levels of magical mapping and/or alloy horseshoes. This is important to the validity and accuracy of my tests. However, if I could figure out how to interpret mathematically the number assigned to speed in the above chart, I would not have to painstakingly do the tests manually! However, I have yet to crack this bit of math.

Militia speed

Ok, so if the militia's assigned speed was 300 I could work this out easily but it is not! It is 200 so what is the equation to figure out what the base speed if given only the assigned troop speed? *in this case 200!

The answer would seem simple right? Wrong! I figured I would use some algebra!

x/y = z Where z=base speed, y=troop speed, and x=unknown multiplier used to interpret troop speed

I need x solved for! In this case, I tried:

x/200 = 30


x= 6000

So to solve for z I would go 6000/200=z

that turns out to be z = 30

It pans out! LOL

Now lets check and see if it works for the pikemen who's base speed I know to be 20s


300(x/300) = 20^300

x= 6000

so to check, z=300/6000

z= 20

By gollie I think I cracked it! LOL

Now, for the scout which I know the base speed to be 2s lets find out if it works!

x/3000 = 2



so, it seems that I cracked the code! LOL I was dividing the second half of the equation so I was getting it all wrong! Simple equation. If you find any error in my math please feel free to correct it! LOL

-- BigTuna


Militia, base speed 200, move at a speed of 1 tile / 30 secs. So the formula derived above is:

Speed (in tiles/sec) = Speed from Table / 6000

Greenmanofwow 18:36, March 9, 2010 (UTC)

Troop Speed typo?

Only error I think I found was in your graph at (3,3) where the graph says 108s and I assume it should be 127s.

Windustry 01:15, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

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