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[[File:Level_10_storehouse.jpg|thumb]]The Storehouse protects your [[resources]] from being Plundered by your enemies.[[File:Storehouse.jpg|thumb]][[File:Storehouse_1.jpg|thumb]]
[[File:Storehouse.jpg|thumb]]The Storehouse protects your [[resources]] from being Plundered by your enemies.

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The Storehouse protects your resources from being Plundered by your enemies.


Level Construction Food Wood Stone Ore
1 - 100 1,500 1,000 300
2 - 200 3,000 2,000 600
3 - 400 6,000 4,000 1,200
4 - 800 12,000 8,000 2,400
5 - 1,600 24,000 16,000 4,800
6 - 3,200 48,000 32,000 9,600
7 - 6,400 96,000 64,000 19,200
8 - 12,800 192,000 128,000 38,400
9 - 25,600 384,000 256,000 76,800
10 Divine Inspiration 51,200 768,000 512,000 153,600


Level Yield
1 Allows you to protect up to 100,000 of each resource
2 Allows you to protect up to 200,000 of each resource
3 Allows you to protect up to 300,000 of each resource
4 Allows you to protect up to 400,000 of each resource
5 Allows you to protect up to 500,000 of each resource
6 Allows you to protect up to 600,000 of each resource
7 Allows you to protect up to 700,000 of each resource
8 Allows you to protect up to 800,000 of each resource
9 Allows you to protect up to 900,000 of each resource
10 Allows you to protect up to 1,000,000 of each resource

Shrinking Powder Boost

Shrinking Powder > 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Storehouse Level 1 110k 120k 130k 140k 150k 160k 170k 180k 190k 200k
Storehouse Level 2 220k 240k 260k 280k 300k 320k 340k 360k 380k 400k
Storehouse Level 3 330k 360k 390k 420k 450k 480k 510k 540k 570k 600k
Storehouse Level 4 440k 480k 520k 560k 600k 640k 680k 720k 760k 800k
Storehouse Level 5 550k 600k 650k 700k 750k 800k 850k 900k 950k 1m
Storehouse Level 6 660k 720k 780k 840k 900k 960k 1.02m 1.08m 1.14m 1.2m
Storehouse Level 7 770k 840k 910k 980k 1.05m 1.12m 1.19m 1.26m 1.33m 1.4m
Storehouse Level 8 880k 960k 1.04m 1.12m 1.2m 1.28m 1.36m 1.44m 1.52m 1.6m
Storehouse Level 9 990k 1.08m 1.17m 1.26m 1.35m 1.44m 1.53m 1.62m 1.71m 1.8m
Storehouse Level 10 1.1m 1.2m 1.3m 1.4m 1.5m 1.6m 1.7m 1.8m 1.9m 2m

k = thousand, m = million
Numbers with a red background can only be reached if you have more than one city since your research level cannot be higher than the storehouse in the town where the research is performed.

Important thing to remember

The Shrinking Powder research does not add extra storage capacity in your Storehouse. Each level of Shrinking Powder gives 10% of the Storehouse's Base Limit on that specific level. That is to say if your Storehouse is at Level 5 and your Shrinking Powder is at Level 5 too then your Capacity (according the above charts) will not be 500k + 750k = 1.25m. It will be 500k + 5 x (10% 500k)


>> 500k + 5 x (50k) >> 500k + 250k

>> 750k (the exact value written in the Shrinking Powder Boost Table)

So to calculate your Storage limit just cross-link your Storehouse Level with Shrinking Powder Level in the Shrinking Powder Boost Table and the value written in that cell is your current Storage limit.

Gold is the one exception of the Storehouse. No mater what your Storehouse Level or Shrinking Powder Level is, your gold is vulnerable down to the last penny, so prize it.

The production Capacity is not the same thing as the storage capacity within the Storehouse as listed above.

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