There are 4 Siege weapons in the game, they are;

Supply Wagons

The Ballista

The Battering Ram

The Catapult

siege weapons or the machine troops that are built for specific purposes which are;

Supply wagon-transportation of resources

Ballista-taking out enemys siege weapons and troops from range

Battering ram-busting through the defences of a city

Catapult-taking out all the wall defences and the siege weapons in a city

Siege weapons(except supply wagons) also have a mammoth food upkeep per hour,siege weapons(except supply wagons) have the largest food upkeep of any troop in KOC.Supply wagons have 10 upkeep per troop,ballista have 50 upkeep per troup,battering ram have 100 upkeep per troop and catapults have 250 upkeep per troop.

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