• Level 7 City
  • Rally Point
  • Barracks
  • Watch Tower

Seventh city has been released. the seventh city is based on some sort of forest theme. Kabam's information release spoke of ruined cities being found in the forests of Camelot, and the city look reflects this, with ruined leaf and vine covered buildings.

How to Get A Seventh City

Either buy it for about $90 USD ($100 AUD) or collect the crest in the following:

4 StagKing Seals

3 Pendragons Seals

2 Lady Of the Lake Seals

Be warned that cresting for these is more difficult than that for earlier cities, although it is possible to obtain them with luck and persistance. Alternately, you may purchase Fey Chests in the shop, which contain one to two of each seal, or as stated above, you may simply purchase a Seventh City Package or Seventh City Deed.

In some cases 810 wilds (or more) may have to be attacked to get all the crests.

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