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Scouts move quickly, and bring back information about enemy positions and numbers, but are not strong fighters.


Food 120
Wood 200
Ore 150
Population 1
Food Upkeep 5
Might 2
Contruction Req. Level 2 Barracks
Research Req. Level 1 Eagle Eyes

Where to use[]

Scouts can be used to scout wildernesses and enemy cities. They are only effective at scouting though.

Do not use in defending against oncoming enemys unless they are scouts.

Note: You can now defend with scouts inside the city no losses due to recent updates. however its not 100% effective i think its about the number of archers or ballista in your city you need to change xbows to trebuchet now as other seige is useless with xbows in cities due to new updates. if you have about 250k ballista and 100 scouts in your city thats defending you can keep all your scouts just move out any other scouts when not being scouted and when offline keep about 110k scouts in cities move others out and only defend in the cities you have ore in because the barbarian raid now makes everything else worthless.

Additional Information[]

  • They are the only unit that can intercept other scouts. (only if you defend. cannot kill enemy scout if they hide their troops before you scout.)
  • Scouts can also substitute as a very fast transport. (not efectively- use cavalry instead as also move fast)
  • For more information, go to Using Scouts.
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