Reinforcing is one of the best tools available to defenders. It allows you to house your alliances troops in your city which can catch out many attackers, especially if they send a long march. How many reinforcements you can take is decided by your embassy, you can take in one march for each level it has been upgraded by, so a level nine embassy can hold up to 1,125,000 troops (if people send troops from level ten rally point with Aura of Command). However troops you are holding in your embassy eat food produced in your city so it is not practical to keep too many reinforcements for too long. Troops sent to reinforce will always defend your city and cannot be set to hide in Sanctuary. Reinforced troops can not be sent to attack other players, wilds or barbarian camps. If you run out of food while there are troops in your embassy, they will be sent back to the cities they come from.

Ways to Use Reinforcing

  • To defend an alliance member against an attack.
  • To defend important members/cities of the alliance (eg. Chancellor, storehouse) from enemies.
  • To use an alliance member as a store for troops so that other members can grow their armies without worrying about upkeep.
  • To use as a deterrent. (Reinforce when someone scouts to scare them away from attacking).

Troops to Reinforce With

  • Archers - They work as Wall Mounted Crossbows but with a shorter range. However, defending archers can be easily killed when used without support from the next units.
  • Swordsmen - These work as Caltrops to slow down the attackers so that they can be shot at by the archers, they are most effective against archers and other foot troops.
  • Pikemen - These work as Spiked Barriers to slow the attackers down while the archers and crossbows pick them off, they work best against cavalry and heavy cavalry.
  • Ballistae - These work as Wall Mounted Crossbows and are the best easily accessible defence troop. However, they are slow, even with the Relief Station bonus.

Do NOT use these to reinforce

  • Scouts - Much to fast and weak to be any use unless you are trying to defend a city against scoutings.
  • Cavalry - Again, these are too fast to be used defensively as they will only rush into the middle of the opposite army and get themselves killed. Plus they're hard to replace.
  • Heavy Cavalry - Same as above except that they're even harder to replace.

Your alliance will not always be able to reinforce you, sometimes they will be too far away and at other times they may not have the right troops or enough of them. Don't always ask for help from your alliance and remember to help out by reinforcing someone else when you can. It is a lot harder to reinforce a city without wall defences and come away without losing a lot of troops.

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