Reinforcement of Wilderness

Reinforcing a wilderness is sending troops to a wilderness you already own.

This is usefull when your wilderness is being attacked, or when you want to move troops out of your city.

Reinforcing a wilderness can be quite usefull when your city is under attack. You can reinforce your wilderness with supply troops, carrying the gold from your city, so this will not be stolen during the raid.

Reinforcement of Allied Cities

When you are attacked, people in your Alliance can reinforce your city

They can only send as many armies as the level of the Embassy where the reinforced troops are beeing send. The size of the armies is unimportant. When attacked, the reinforcements in your city fight combined with your own army. The reinforced troops also will fight, even if in the castle the troops are set to hide in sanctuary!


  • Reinforced Troops eat of the food in the reinforced city
  • Reinforced Troops can not be used to attack with
  • Reinforced Troops show up on scouting reports
  • Reinforced troops do not use researches of reinforcer rather they bound to the researches of who they are defending so no matter if you have all Level 10 researches, if you re-inforce a low leveled research's player, your troops behave according to those levels not yours unless you recall them
  • Re-inforcer's troops do not die if the food of re-inforced one runs out. They are simply sent back home on their own and the food effects only the person who was re-inforced.

(This thing is still open for discussion but I have my troops came back to me many times if the food ran out of the person I set to defend)

  • As player of the reinforced troops you will not get your own report, the troops will show up on the report of the attacked player
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