Location and Travel

in Kingdoms of Camelot are 150 land squares by 150 land squares each, with a total of 24 provinces. All domains have the same provinces in them, the only differences are that they are slightly offset (ie, might be 1 row down on the map). But despite this, they still share the same neighbors.

Central province is currently an inaccessible area, like a desert. Maybe for programmers requirements althought is rumoured that there will be an epic battleground there, when they get the bugs ironed out.


Torus. The "planet" of a domain has the topological form of a Torus.

Travelling across the "edge" of the map will bring you full circle to the opposite side. In fact the "planet" of a domain has the topological form of a Torus. So that Astolat province is contiguous to Cellwig and Carmathen is contiguous to Glastonbury.

It is not possible to travel or send troops or resources from one domain to other.


Each province runs a separate marketplace, with separate trades. To take advantage of this, it is advisable to build any additional cities in a different province from your main city.


Coordinates are geographical markers in Kingdoms of Camelot. The coordinates go from (0,0) to (749,749) on each domain. Taking account of the central desert, this means there are a total of 540,000 squares per domain.

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