Portal of Order
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Gems Required90
How also availableMerlin's Magical Boxes
What it doesTeleport one of your cities to a specific location on the Map and place your Cities under Mists of Avalon for 7 days.

How to Use

If you happen to have a Portal of Order in your inventory (My Items) and would like to use it then do the following:

0.Make sure you have no Transactions available.

  1. Find a plain on the map where you would like to move to.
  2. Go to the city that you would like to move.
  3. Make sure all of your troops are at home and not reinforcing another city or wilderness.
  4. Go to "My Items" and click on your Portal of Order
  5. Enter the coordinates (of the plain on the map that you picked out) on the next screen.

Note: You do not have to conquer the plain before you use this item, and the wildernesses that you obtained will still be there you do not have to go and hunt for new ones.

When to Move

Defensive Strategy

There are in my opinion 2 defensive uses for a Portal of Order:

  1. There will come a time that you will be attacked by a player with higher might, or you will find yourself in a war with another alliance and might be bombarded with attacks from multiple players. If your Watchtower alerts you of an attack you can easily just move your city before the attackers arrive.
  2. You can also use the Portal of Order to move yourself closer to your alliance. This gives your alliance a shorter march time when they need to reinforce your city/cities. Also you will notice that being closer to your alliance will give you the benifit of shorter transport marches.
  3. You can move your city to any specific location on the map, and hide in the Mists of Avalon for 7 days.

Offensive Strategy

You can use your Portal of Order to move one of your cities right next door to one of your enemies. This gives you a shorter march time, allowing you to send out more attacks. But be sure you have either an extra Portal of Order or a Portal of Refuge to be able to move away before your enemy retaliates. Because as long as you are right next door, they can benefit from your move as well.


You can also get a Portal of Order when you purchase the Knights Package (for 1000 gems) in the bonus Chest that comes with it.


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