Kingdoms of Camelot Wiki

Patch notes as published by the developers of the game.

26 September 2011[]

Hasty Training![]

You now have more options available to you when training troops! In exchange for extra resources, you can choose to decrease troop training time. Please see the following post for complete details: Hasty Training How-To

Consecutive Daily Login Bonuses![]

Now you can receive bonus items just for logging into Kingdoms of Camelot! These items will improve with each consecutive day that you login for 5 days. If you continue to login for 5+ consecutive days, your bonus item will rotate daily.

Other Enhancements[]

  • Gifting - Gifting has returned to Camelot. Once again you can send your friends free gifts, including new Troop bundles!
  • Expanded Gem Gifting - Now you can gift Gems to up to 10 friends with one transaction!

Bug Fixes:[]

  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to claim City Deeds with all of the necessary Crests in their inventory
  • Fixed some instances where Merlin’s tokens could not be claimed from Wall posts
  • Fixed some instances where players would have a new message notification after deleting all of their messages
  • Fixed some instances where players received error messages when cancelling builds or deconstructing buildings

4 August 2011[]

New Ore Guardian![]

You will now be able to use the Obsidian Rune to unlock the power of the new Ore Guardian, available to be built in each of your cities! Here are the benefits for summoning this legendary beast:

  • Bonus to total Ore Production within your city
  • Bonus to maximum Ore Production Cap
  • Bonus to marching Troops’ attack

All new Gifts![]

All new gifts can now be granted to your friends, including Troops! Click on the ‘Free Gifts’ tab to view all the new items.

Lower Prices on Aura Items![]

The Aura of Command and the Aura of Conquest have both been reduced in price. Increase your Troop March Limit and dominate your enemies!

Bug Fixes:[]

  • Fixed some instances where the Watch Tower was not showing incoming attacks
  • Fixed some instances where reassigning a knight can cause Barbarians Raids to become stuck
  • Fixed some instances where troops from the Call to Arms and Siege Volunteers disappear after a refresh
  • Fixed some instances where incorrect Troop levels are displayed

14 July 2011[]

Level 12 buildings are now here![]

In order to take advantage of the power of Level 12, two new items have been introduced: Sacred Inspiration and Sacred Providence!

Sacred Providence is the only item that can upgrade your Castle from Level 11 to 12, and the Sacred Inspiration is used to upgrade your Rally Point, Wall, and Resource Fields from Level 11 to 12, with other Level 12 buildings coming soon!

Sacred Sweepstakes![]

Anyone who purchases a Sacred Inspiration or Sacred Providence from now until Noon Pacific Time on Friday, July 15 will be entered to win 1,000 or 1,500 Gems, respectively! There’s no limit on how many times you can enter, and other buildings will become Level 12-capable soon, so now is a great time to stock up on Sacred items!

We’ll award and announce 5 randomly-selected purchasers of Sacred Inspirations with 1,000 Gems and 5 randomly-selected purchasers of Sacred Providences with 1,500 Gems on the following Monday.

Divine Evocation chest![]

Not quite ready for Level 12? Grab the new Divine Evocation chest! It contains everything you need to get ready at a great price!: 1 Divine Providence, 2 Divine Inspirations, and 3 Divine Hourglasses. It’s a great value on some necessary items!

29 June 2011[]

Level 11 Storehouse and Embassy[]

New Level 11 buildings are now available in Kingdoms of Camelot! Now you can upgrade your Storehouse and Embassy to Level 11 to gain extra bonuses. Level 11 Storehouses protect up to 5 million of each resource and Level 11 Embassies allow you to accept 11 waves of reinforcements!

Barbarian Raids![]

Barbarian Raids will allow you to collect food from Barbarian Camps at a faster rate. To set raids click on the Raids button located in your city’s Rally Point. You can also check out the Barbarian Raids Guide in the forum for more information. Collect more Food, train larger Armies, and gain more Might!

Game Performance Enhancements[]

A small number of players are causing excess traffic and degrading the experience for all players on their domain by overloading our servers. To help combat this issue, we have released a system that will increase game performance by requiring players who are overloading our servers with excessive march automation to type in a set of letters to verify they are actually a human player. These players will continue to receive these messages periodically until they reduce their march rate.

This will only affect a small percentage of players. If you are below this threshold or sending out marches with Barbarian Raids, your game play will not be affected.

Other Fixes:[]

  • Fixed some instances where certain players were unable to accept gifts
  • General performance and stability improvements.

27 May 2011[]

Level 11 Alchemy Lab![]

You will now be able to unlock the power of level 11 within your Alchemy Lab! This new building level will unlock a new tier of research which can boost your research production, increase your building speed, and also help you better combat your foes! Consider the possibilities which arise from new levels of Fletching, Poison Edge, and Fertilizer once they are upgraded to level 11!

New City Art![]

Cities 1-5 have brand new city art! Check out a screenshot in our Facebook note!

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where the 'Invite to Alliance' button did not function for some users
  • Fixed an occurrence where Build With Help did not appear in chat for Alliance members
  • Fixed some occurrences where players were sent to the wrong page after accepting Magical Tokens from a User’s News Feed
  • Fixed some instances where owned Wilds were not correctly abandoned if a player abandoned their city

09 May 2011[]


  • Revamped Watch Tower Report Modal (Check out the screenshots in our Facebook note!)

Bug Fixes[]

  • Addressed some cases where Portals of Order and Refuge did not function correctly
  • Added more stability and troop marching improvements aimed at increasing server performance
  • Addressed some cases where troops set to hide in the sanctuary would actually defend
  • Addressed some cases where speed ups would not apply
  • Addressed some cases where knights would disappear after returning from a march.
  • Added notification when chat goes idle

12 April 2011[]

Wood Guardian is Released![]

Guardians are coming to Kingdoms of Camelot! These mythical wardens will settle in cities across Camelot, and the lords shall make use of the might of these proud beasts. Guardians are tied to individual cities, and can provide bonuses to troops and resource generation.

Sprite map guardian

Images of KofC Guardian

The Wood Guardians provide boosts to Wood Production by 1%-4% increments cumulatively as you upgrade the guardian (up to a total of 20% total boost). Similarly, Wood Guardians increases your city's fortification Hit Points by 1%-4% increments cumulatively as you upgrade (up to a total of 20% total boost). If your troops are set to defend the city, the boost would apply to your troops as well. Guardians are a fantastic way to boost your city defenses especially if you are in a war with another alliance!

We have introduced new allies into Kingdoms of Camelot which strengthen your troops and improve your resources! Here is a short bio of these new mythological creatures known as Guardians:

Wood Guardian (The Weald Fenrir)[]

A towering beast of timber, leaf, and tightly controlled fury, the Weald Fenrir stalks the borders of his territory. The resilient and stolid presence of the Weald Fenrir inspires fortitude and tenacity in his friends and allies, and terror in his foes. Ever vigilant, the sky scraping Weald Fenrir abides and protects its master. The Wood Guardian is now available to be built in each of your cities! Here are the benefits currently for summoning these legendary beasts: Bonus to total Wood Production within your city Bonus to maximum Wood Production Cap

Bonus to maximum health of all troops (excluding defensive units) These benefits will increase as your Guardian is upgraded! Every city can summon a separate Guardian. All the troops within each city receive benefits based on the level of that city's Guardian.

Guardian Requirements[]

There are no initial requirements for building your level 1 Guardian, but as you upgrade various restrictions will be in place. Your upgrades are bound to the level of wilds you possess, so if you wish to upgrade to a level 2 Guardian, that city must possess at least a level 2 wild and so on. You can view all of the requirements by checking out your Guardian in game.

Additional Information:[]

Each city will now contain a stone summoning platform where one of your building slots used to reside. This new tile is the home of your Guardian. We have moved the previous building on this space to a new location within your cities as pictured below:

In the future new Guardians will be released each having various combinations of resource and troop bonus’s. Guardians cannot be deconstructed but can be replaced, so there is no need to worry about building these guardians now. We will release more information on how to do this at a later date.

Shop Additions[]

Renaming Ritual: Allows a player to rename their Guardian

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed various issues relating to Alliances
  • Other Stability Improvements
  • Lady Null

31 March 2011[]

New Top Navigation Bar and Watch Tower Alert[]

We’ve updated the top navigation bar with brand new art and improved watch tower alerts. Check out the top of your game screen to view all the new icons and game tabs. Also note that watch tower alerts have been removed from the top bar. When you are attacked you will receive a small pop-up similar to the caravan message of the day. The attack countdown will display prominently above your watch tower; clicking on your Watch Tower or the pop-up will open your report. The arrival estimate will only show up for Watch Towers that are upgraded to at least level 3.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed some cases where troop disappear after being sent home from reinforcing and allied city
  • Fixed some instances where reinforced troops unexpectedly return home
  • Fixed some cases where players could not remove alliance members
  • Fixed issue where players outside of alliance can see alliance chat
  • Fixed issue where court drapes do not appear on 6th city level 11 Rally Point unless mouse is hovering
  • Fixed issue where reinforcing troops reappear in originating city after death and then disappear after refresh.

14 March 2011[]

7th City Released: Brand-New Art![]

Seeking revenge on the humans, the Fey used their powers to unleash nature's wrath on the cities of Camelot. Nature advanced on many of Camelot’s castles and took them back, swallowing them whole. Though the Fey have not deigned to inhabit them, common men are unable to enter, repelled by a powerful force. Once again, Arthur, as King of Camelot and Protector of the Realm, asks his bravest Knights to hear his call: Gain entry to these mysterious edifices! Make your home there, shelter your people and raise new armies! Reassert the strength of Camelot!

7th City Benefits:[]

  • Gorgeous new art inspired by the natural magic of the Fey!
    • Unique art for EVERY city and field building, including your castle and wall
    • Buildings become more awesome as you level them up
    • Unique 7th city icon for your map view
  • Grow your kingdom larger than ever before!
    • Control 12 more wildernesses
    • Unlock up to 40 new field plots
    • Send 11 more marches at any time
    • Build an entire new set of city buildings

7th City Requirements[]

In order to build your 7th city, you must first obtain 4 Stag King’s Seals, 3 Pendragon’s Seals and 2 Lady of the Lake’s Seals. You can win these items by attacking unowned wildernesses that are level 8 and above. The higher the wilderness level, the more likely a seal will be won. Once you have attained all the required seals, turn them in to complete the 7th city quest and gain your 7th city deed.

Of course, if you don’t want to search for crests and seals, you can buy the 7th City deed directly from the shop! Players can also purchase chests to help supplement the missing crests and seals they need. The recently introduced Avalon Chest contains one to three Pendragon, Lady of the Lake, and Merlin Seals.

Bug Fixes:[]

  • Fixed issue where Alliances could not remove players
  • Other stability improvements

3 March 2011[]

7th Cities[]

The Fey, hurt by the humans who harnessed their powers to control the mystical, winter kingdoms, retreated into the forest to seek revenge. Singing songs of anger and bitterness, the Fey unleashed the power of the forest on many of the cities of Camelot. It will be up to you, the realms bravest knights to reclaim these destructed cities, and restore them with mystical forces!

The Kingdoms of Camelot shop now includes the 7th city deed and a Limited Edition 7th City Package for preorder. Players who want to be the first to own 7th city should check them out in the shop. Once 7th cities are released, preorder purchasers will be able to unlock their cities immediately! Item details are below.

7th City Requirements[]

In order to build your 7th city, you must first obtain 4 Stag King’s seals, 3 Pendragon’s seals and 2 Lady of the Lake’s seals. Once 7th City is released you will be able to collect these seals by attacking wildernesses level 8 and above. Collect all the seals and then them in to complete the 7th city quest and gain your 7th city deed.

Of course, if you don’t want to search for seals, you can buy the 7th city deed directly from the shop. Once 7th City is released, we will also release the Avalon Chest in the shop. Purchasing this chest will award a random selection of seals.

7th City seals will be dropped when 7th City is released.

New Items[]

Limited Edition 7th City Package Limited time only! Be the first to get your 7th city and EXCLUSIVE items (see below for details)!

7th City Deed[]

Be the first to get your 7th city and save! Pre-order the deed and start your city immediately after 7th cities are unlocked.

Blood Fury[]

Plow through your enemies impenetrable defense with Blood Fury! When applied, item increases attack of troops by 50% for 4 hours.


Use Ironskin and fend off a hostile attack. When applied, item increases defense of troops by 50% for 4 hours.

Pendragon Chest[]

(available when 7th city launches) Contains 1-3 Pendragon’s seals, 1-3 Lady of the Lake’s seals and 1-3 Merlin’s seals.

Other Fixes[]

  • Accidental Aura of Command purchases from troop march screen has been addressed (commonly reported by players as gem loss)
  • Game released in Swedish

User is unable to access watchtower level 2 reports for impending attacks

28 February 2011[]

New Level 11 Buildings![]

Now you can upgrade resource buildings to level 11 and get extra production bonuses. We’ve also increased the production rate of levels 8, 9 and 10 for the following buildings::

  • Sawmill
  • Quarry
  • Farm
  • Mine

To view a building’s level requirements and bonuses, click on the building image from your field view.

Watch Tower Improvements![]

Good intel can make all the difference between victory and defeat. We’ve upgraded the Watch Tower so it provides information on specific wildernesses that are under attack, rather than the cities that own them.

Other Fixes[]

  • Fixed issue where users were unable to invite friends to play on open domains
  • Fixed issue where distance was only calculated from the first city
  • Increased size of the message of the day, and fixed pagination issue where oldest messages were displayed first.

17 February 2011[]

Troops and Wall Defense Speed Ups[]

You can now speed up troop training and wall defense construction with hourglasses. After you start training, click the ‘Speed Up’ button to apply an hourglass and shorten training time. Don’t worry if you have Tutelages, you can still use them, but they will no longer be available in the Shop.

The Speed Up screen has also been improved. When you click the ‘Speed Up’ button you will only see hourglasses relevant to your build time. The lowest level hourglass you need to finish the building instantly will be highlighted at the top of the list.

March Troops Screen/Recall March Function[]

The March Troops Screen now separates march types by tabs and the troop selector only allows you to choose troops you currently have available. Default coordinates have been changed from 0,0 to empty fields and your best available knight is auto selected.

MARCH RECALL! Ever sent a march out by mistake? Now you can recall it from the Troop Movement tab in the Rally Point. Recalled marches will take 25% longer to return home.

New Avatars[]

16 new avatars have been added to the game. Click on the picture of your avatar on the top right corner of the game screen to view all the new lords and ladies!

Other Improvements[]

  • Fixed issue when after building traps from Castle Wilderness tab, player is returned to Overview tab, not back to Wilderness tab.
  • Fixed issue where French and Turkish users cannot invite a player to alliance via player search.
  • Fixed issue where having 0 friends causes game to populate friend bar with broken images that generates an "undefined" error.
  • Fixed issue where abandon wild screen displays when clicking on a wild owned by a different city, but clicking abandon does nothing.
  • Fixed issue where chat bar gets placed behind the MMB flag when playing in a foreign language.
  • Fixed issue where inviting new users through the alliance member invite option is putting out an inaccurate error message.
  • Time based item buffs will now blink when they are close to expiring (i.e. Horn of Plenty, Dove of Peace, and Resource Boosts)
  • Reworked fix for alliance assisted speed up to eliminate the need to refresh.
  • Changed Default Attack Coordinates.
  • Various performance improvements.

10 February 2011[]

Level 11 Buildings![]

Level 11 buildings are now available in Kingdoms of Camelot! Level 11 buildings yield great bonuses that must be unlocked by the power of a divine item. Level 11 is available for the following buildings :

  • Castle
  • Rally Point
  • Relief Station
  • Wall

Wish level 11 was getting unlocked on more buildings? Don't worry! More level 11 buildings will announced soon!

New Items![]

  • Divine Providence - Use a Divine Providence to upgrade your Castle from level 10 to 11.
  • Aura of Conquest - In battle a few troops can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Use the Aura of Conquest and decimate your enemies by increasing the marching limit of your Rally Point by 50%!

Message of the Day![]

We will be using the inbox to send you information about game updates, in-game contests, and more! Whenever we send a message, you will receive an update at the bottom of your game screen with a picture of a wagon and the message title. When you click on the message title it will bring you to the newest Message of the Day. If you ever want to come back to this inbox, click on the wagon next to your castle (where the Town Crier used to be). A red flag will appear above the wagon if you have any new or unread messages.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed issue where officers could not remove alliance members.
  • Fixed issue where Assisted Speed-up only decreased build/research time after refresh.
  • Fixed issue where users were receiving impending attack reports when sending out attacks and scouts.

2 February 2011[]

Hyperlinked Map Coordinates![]

We’ve made it even easier to navigate Kingdoms of Camelot with Hyperlinked Map Coordinates! Now whenever you see blue coordinates in the game, just click on them, and be brought to that location on the map. Reinforce your allies or attack your enemies with less clicks!

Hyperlinked Coordinates have been added to the following game screens:

  • March Reports (user and alliance)
  • Player Profiles
  • Alliance Lists
  • Wilderness Lists
  • March Progress Bar
  • Troop Movement Screen

Facebook Changes[]

To comply with a new Facebook policy, we’ve added an extra layer of security to all player data posted in forms. This may cause a "Do you want to resend data?" popup to appear when Kingdoms of Camelot pages containing form data are reloaded. Click "Yes" to refresh the page.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed issue that prevented certain alliance members from reinforcing one another
  • Fixed issue that caused players to get stuck on The Speed of the Knight quest
  • Fixed issue where troops did not return from attacks after the use of a portal
  • Fixed issue where Blue Eagle Wings did apply bonus on return marches from reinforcing/conquering a wild if user recalls troops immediately after they've encamped.
  • Fixed issue that caused captured wildernesses to sometimes not display which city captured it
  • Fixed issue that prevented supply wagons from returning to orgin city after transports between cities.

8 December 2010[]

6th Cities Released: Brand-New Art![]

The ancient cities of the Fey are rumored to be the most epic constructions ever built in Camelot. When the Fey disappeared, their cities vanished without a trace. But now they have returned, more majestic than ever. Unlock and build a Fey City of your very own!
6th City Benefits:

  • Gorgeous new art inspired by the dark, mysterious Fey!
  • Unique art for EVERY city and field building, including your castle and wall
  • Buildings become more awesome as you level them up
  • Unique 6th city icon for your map view
  • Grow your kingdom larger than ever before!
  • Control 10 more wildernesses
  • Unlock up to 40 new field plots
  • Send 10 more marches at any time
  • Build an entire new set of city buildings

6th City Requirements[]

In order to build your 6th city, you must first obtain 4 King Arthur’s Crests, 3 Morgana’s Seals and 2 Mordred’s Seals. You can win these items by attacking unowned wildernesses level 8 and above. The higher the wilderness level, the more likely a seal or crest will be won. Once you have attained all the required crests and seals, turn them in to complete the 6th city quest and gain your 6th city deed. Of course, if you don’t want to search for crests and seals, you can buy the 6th City deed directly from the shop. Players can also purchase chests to help supplement the missing crests and seals they need. The recently introduced Fey Chest contains one to three Morgana's, Mordred's, and Stag King's Seals.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed issue where Alliance List did not sort properly in some browsers
  • Fixed issue where portals put users into bad states
  • Fixed issue where troop desertion did not work properly in some cases
  • Verified fix for exploit that affected troop training times

6th City Full Preview[]


1 December 2010[]

Winter Storms[]

Raging snow storms have suddenly appeared on the maps of Camelot. All cities under the Mists of Avalon are now covered in blizzards of eerie snow.

6th Cities[]

The ancient cities of the Fey are rumored to be the most epic constructions ever built in Camelot. When the Fey disappeared, their cities vanished without a trace. But now they have returned, more majestic than ever. No human has ever dared inhabit them... until now. It is up to you to find them and restore them to their former glory!

6th City Requirements[]

In order to build your 6th city, you must first obtain 4 King Arthur’s crests, 3 Morgana’s seals and 2 Mordred’s seals. You can win these items by attacking unowned wildernesses level 8 and above. Once 6th cities are released you will be able to turn these seals and crests in to complete the 6th city quest and gain your 6th city deed.

New Items[]

  • Limited Edition 6th City Package

Limited time only! Be the first to get your 6th city and 2 EXCLUSIVE items (see below for details)! Contains x1 6th city deed, x1 Blue Eagle Wings, x1 Reinforced Bags, x1 Fey Flag, x1 Potions of Mist, x1 Divine Hourglass, x1 Portal of Order.

  • 6th City Deed
    • Be the first to get your 6th city and save! Pre-order the deed and start your city immediately after 6th cities are unlocked.
  • Blue Eagle’s Wings
    • Decreases the return time of troop marches by 50% for 1 hour. Only applies to return marches started during the 1 hour window. Get your troops home now to defend your cities!
  • Reinforced Bags
    • Increases troop carrying capacity by 25% for all marches that complete in the next hour. Get more loot without sacrificing attack power to supply wagons!
  • Fey Chest
    • Contains 1-3 Morgan’s seals, 1-3 Mordred’s seals and 1-3 Stag King’s seals.
  • Fey Flag
    • To celebrate the return of the Fey, a cool new chat flag has been added in their honor.

22 November 2010[]

Fey Seals now available in wildernesses![]

  • Expeditions are returning from the wilderness carrying strange, frozen seals. These items seem similar to knight's crests, but no knight claims to have made them. It is rumored that these seals bear the mark of Arthur's witch sister Morgana and her mysterious son Mordred. You can win these seals--and the new King Arthur's crest--by attacking high-level, unowned wildernesses.
  • When you defeat a wilderness of level 5 and up you may be rewarded with a Crest. Note that wildernesses will not always award crests and seals. However, also note that once a wild drops a Crest it . rs. and once they aquire the # they need they sto ungodly human hours to Crest Each crest/seal is only found in certain level wildernesses (see list below) and the drop chance for that crest/seal increases with wilderness level.
  • Also, if a wilderness has not regenerated all of its troops (it has been attacked in the last hour), the chance of a crest/seal drop will be lower.
  • Here is a list of the seals and crests and the wilderness levels in which they can be found:
    • Sir Bor's Crest: Levels 5-7
    • Sir Ector's Crest: Levels 5-7
    • Sir Kay's Crest: Levels 5-8
    • Sir Bedivere's Crest: Levels 6-8
    • Sir Gawain's Crest: Levels 6-8
    • Sir Percival's Crest: Levels 7-9
    • Sir Galahad's Crest: Levels 7-9
    • Sir Lancelot's Crest: Levels 7-9
    • King Arthur's Crest: Levels 8-10
    • Morgana's Seal: Levels 8-10
    • Mordred's Seal: Levels 8-10

Translation Updates![]

  • We have completely redone the French and German translations of Kingdoms of Camelot. These updates will significantly improve the game experience for these users, and will be the first of many updates to the localized version of our game. You can check out the new translations by clicking “Chat Settings” in Global Chat and selecting the appropriate language.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed bug where users with certain language settings could not accept gifts
  • Fixed bug where Build/Upgrade/Research with help checkbox did not retain state for entire session
  • Fixed bug where invites were broken in certain states
  • Other stability and performance fixes

11 November 2010[]

In-game Alert Button[]

  • Receive advanced warning of game downtimes with our new “Maintenance Update” button. Whenever KofC has scheduled maintenance, this red button will be displayed with your game tabs. Click on the button to get real time information on game updates!

Improved Desertion Report[]

  • We upgraded our more robust desertion reports with new art! Launched a few weeks ago, the new reports show you how many troops deserted and explain why they left. The reports also give tips on how to avoid desertion in the future. When you’re missing troops, check your City Reports tab and see why they deserted.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed bug where users were not able to open desertion reports
  • Fixed bug where desertion reports were not correctly displayed
  • Fixed bug where Merlin’s Magical Tokens were not being deducted from user’s inventory on the front end
  • Other stability and performance fixes

16 October 2010[]

Dear Lords and Ladies of Camelot, Thank you very much for all of your feedback on the forums and in chat. There are many good suggestions and valid concerns outlined there. We sincerely apologize for introducing so many changes at once! We realized after hearing from everyone that some of the changes are too aggressive. We plan to fix them as soon as we can—we’ll release a patch to the test worlds on Monday afternoon. Below is what we plan to do… and thanks again for helping identify the issues and make good suggestions about how to fix them.

Barbarian Camps[]

Apologies here as we didn’t mean to “nerf” barbarian camps as much as we did! We really do want people to be able to farm more food from them than they lose in troops. Attacking barbarians should always reward a nice “prize.” And we certainly don’t want to force high-level players into farming lower-level players to survive. To fix these issues, we're going to turn up the loot from Camps significantly and turn down the amount of troops at each level.


We're going to turn down the amount of defenses in Wildernesses. We ran extensive combat simulations to test troop losses (for both wilds and camps), but it looks like we still tuned them too difficult. Also, while we would like to leave the increased bonuses in place, if we see too much “sniping” of wilds between players, we will consider reverting them back. (As an aside, we did consider making more food available by increasing farm production, but this wasn’t possible in the short term as it requires some larger changes to our code—the current code for resource production requires that all resource types and level steps share the same basic algorithm.)

Troop Costs/Training Times[]

We're going to turn down troop costs and training times. It appears that we’ve set these too high, and we want you to be able to rebuild your armies without too long of a wait. While training times were brought down, especially for troops like catapults and ballistae, it seems like we did not bring them down enough.

Explaining How Combat Works[]

We think you’re right on this one too— We should explain in more detail how exactly the combat system works. We don’t want you to have to sacrifice troops needlessly to learn the best strategies for attacking. Instead, we're going to put together a guide to offer as much transparency as we can into how combat works. We will explain basic combat structure—troop targeting, modifiers and the round structure—as well as troop compositions and loot for both Barbarian Camps and Wildernesses. We hope this will help you make the best armies possible and get more out of combat. We will send at least a basic version of this guide out in a message later on Monday.

Delayed The Tournament[]

With all of the changes, we've decided to postpone the tournament of Might until things are a little more stable. It's still coming, but we're pushing it back for the foreseeable future. More information to come on this soon. Thanks for being patient and bearing with us as we work out the kinks in these updates. We realize we did make some mistakes with Friday’s release and we apologize for that. We understand that Kingdoms of Camelot requires a lot of time and investment to play well—this is one of the best things about the game but can be frustrating if that time and investment is lost to confusion or an overly difficult environment.

We’re very lucky to have players who passionate, intelligent and articulate—so keep the feedback coming. We will continue to pay close attention to the forums and chat on the worlds, as well as the underlying data, as we work to improve the game experience. Cheers,

The Kingdoms of Camelot Team

6 October 2010[]

Stability Fixes[]

  • Over the last month or so, the development team has been working on improving overall game performance. Last night we preformed some database optimizations that should increase responsiveness and speed of the game. The maintenance took a little longer than expected and we appreciate everyone’s patience while we worked to get the game back up.

Improved Map Functionality[]

  • We’ve updated the Map view so now you can easily tell which Cities and Wildernesses you own. Your Cities will now have a little Castle icon over them with a Roman numeral that corresponds with their City number (I, II, III, IV, etc.). Wildernesses you own will have the same icons so you can easily identify which Wildernesses are controlled by each of your Cities . You will also notice that the background you see when you hold your mouse over tiles you own are green, to make them quickly distinguishable.
  • Wildernesses and Cities that are controlled by people in your Alliance will display a blue shield icon on them. You will also see this blue shield icon on any City or Wilderness that is controlled by a player in an Alliance that is Friendly to yours. Also, the mouseover window that pops up has a blue background, so you can see it immediately.
  • Along these same lines, you will now also see a red Sword icon on any City or Wilderness that belongs to a player in an Alliance that is set as Hostile to yours. Those tiles will also have a red background on mouseover.

New Shop Items[]

  • Love the Horn of Plenty but wish it would feed your troops longer? Now there are two more levels of Horns that will reduce the Food Upkeep of all your Troops by 50%. The Horn of Bounty reduces your Food Upkeep for 24 hours and the Horn of Majesty reduces your Food Upkeep for 3 days!
  • 20K and 40K Resource bundles have also been introduced to the Shop. These items allow you to purchase resources that get deposited into your City immediately!

New Forums[]

  • We’d added a link to our new forums, that will allow you offer comments, talk strategy with other players and plan your Kingdom!

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the “Not allowed to access this report” bug in Alliance Reports
  • Fixed a bug preventing players with Level 7 Castles to correctly control 7 Wildernesses.
  • Changed the “Mining” technology to “Smelting” to avoid confusion. Text change only.

15 September 2010[]

Bug Fixes[]

  • Gift of the Day should now be visible to all users again.
  • Quest rewards now go to your currently selected city when you collect them.
  • Assisted Speed Up should now correctly work for research.
  • Fixed an exploit that was allowing players to avoid feeding their troops.
  • Portals should no longer put players into bad states.
  • Dragon's Stomp will now absolutely destroy buildings.
  • Knights will no longer go “Marching” into nowhere.
  • Market transactions should now give gold to the seller correctly.
  • Multiples of any given city deed (2 3rd City Deeds, etc.) will no longer appear in players’ inventory.
  • Several other various stability fixes.

31 August 2010[]

Fifth City Released![]

King Arthur has decreed that Lords and Ladies should continue their expansion with the realms of Albion, and has had his knights begin placing crests in the most dangerous of wildernesses. To build a Fifth City, players need to gather 4 Sir Percival’s Crests, 3 Sir Galahad’s Crests and 2 Sir Lancelot’s Crests, or purchase the crests (or the Deed itself!) from the Store, then turn in the Quest. Expand your empire, gather more Wildernesses, train more Troops and raise your Might! Get started on your Fifth City today!

Simplified New City Process[]

Speaking of new Cities, we’ve simplified the process for building new cities, removing some of the more complicated steps and designing a better system to building additional cities. No more sending resources and Supply Troops to your owned plain! Ready to start 5th City already? You’ll see the new system when you go to build it. Still working on an earlier city? Now you’ll have a better idea of what you need to get that city off the ground.

New Hourglasses[]

Thought the Divine Hourglass wasn’t mighty enough? Now there are two more levels of Hourglass above even the Divine level: Epic and Legendary. The Epic Hourglass will reduce a build or research time by 2.5 days, and the Legendary Hourglass will reduce a build or research time by 4 full days! Don’t want to wait to get those high end buildings built? Buy yourself some Epic and Legendary Hourglasses and get those buildings done today!

New Shop items[]

As part of the Fifth City launch, we’ve introduced the Lord's Chest, which includes between 1 and 3 of each of the following types of Crests: Sir Galahad’s, Sir Lancelot’s and King Arthur’s. If you’ve got some of the Crests you need and just don’t want to wait, you can always buy a Chest and get some Crests! Haven't started collecting Crests yet? Now you can buy, the 3rd, 4th and 5th City Deeds outright and save. Also, get ahead of the competition with the Fifth City Chest which includes the 5th City Deed and a ton of hourglass to help you build your City faster!

Improved Crest Drop Rates[]

We have also turned up the drop rate for the three crests needed to build Fifth Cities. As a reminder, the Sir Percival’s Crests, Sir Galahad’s Crests and Sir Lancelot’s Crests drop from Level 8, 9 and 10 Wildernesses only, so even though the drop rates have been turned up, collecting these crests will still be a challenge.

Five day contest! (8/30/10 – 9/3/10)[]

For five days we are giving five lucky players five thousand Gems and a Fifth City Package when they build a new City. Build your Second, Third, Fourth, or Fifth City by September 3rd to qualify to win!

Bug Fixes:[]

  • March Troops interface now displays the correct Load Vacancy.
  • Mercenaries performing Wilderness Defense are now correctly paid an hour's wage when they are first hired.
  • Quests Rewards can now be turned in from any City, not just the City where the Quest was completed.
  • Market Transaction Reports should now always show the correct amount sold.
  • Resource production bonus from low level wilds should now always be correctly applied when conquered.

16 August 2010[]

Assisted Speedup![]

    • "Build with Help" makes its triumphant return as Assisted Speedup, newly refocused to allow your friends and Alliance members to aid you in hastening your rise to glory! Up to five Facebook friends and five Alliance members can contribute to speeding up a project for up to 10 minutes or 10%, whichever is greater. As part of the new system, the only people who will be able to contribute to this are your Facebook friends and your Alliance members. The new system will also let you broadcast to your Alliance chat your request for help. There is a limit of sharing a message once every six hours per project, but you may post as many as you want per day.

New Crests Dropping![]

  • Sir Percival, Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot have begun leaving their crests out for the boldest and bravest warriors in some of the most dangerous wildernesses, although when asked about their motives, the knights are evasive at best. The other knights, however, have begun leaving more of their crests, and should be slightly easier to locate now. Whatever could the Knights of the Round Table be up to?

Other changes[]

  • Corrected an issue that was putting the wrong troops types/amounts in Mercenaries in Wilderness Defenses
  • Fixed an issue that was not adjusting the Mercenary level while players had zero Gold
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from claiming Traveling Faire rewards
  • Fixed an issue that was occasionally preventing players from completing the first quest in the tutorial
  • Revised store item descriptions to make their uses more clear
  • Implemented a performance fix for older worlds

08 August 2010[]


  • Gem balance now displays correctly and no longer displays "Loading Gems."
  • Preliminary fixes put out for Wilderness issues. Resolved issue where users were not able to acquire a wild.
  • Fixed some instances where items were not applied correctly but were removed from inventory.

20 July 2010[]


  • Wilderness Defenses!
    • Lords and Ladies who struggle to keep your Wildernesses under control while your armies continue to wage war, fear not! Two factions have stepped forth to aid in your defense: the Trapmaker’s Guild has established a new office in Camelot, and Mercenaries are now offering their services to the highest bidder.
  • Traps can be installed in any controlled Wilderness at a cost of 200 gold per Trap. Other than their different cost and build time, these Traps function identical to Traps that are on player’s Walls.
  • You can also hire Mercenaries to defend your Wildernesses! There are three levels of Mercenaries available – Novice, Intermediate and Veteran, each with varying levels of strength. Mercenaries appear immediately upon hire and bill for their services hourly. If some of your Mercenaries are destroyed, they will automatically refill to full strength the next time you are billed for their services (i.e. hourly).
  • You can choose to set Traps, hire Mercenaries or both. If all of your Defenses are destroyed, your opponent will gain control of your Wilderness.


  • Merlin has introduced three new items into the shop, for the pleasure of Lords and Ladies across the land.
    • Divine Hourglass - This item will shorten building or research time by 24 hours, the most powerful speedup of its kind!
    • Merlin's Escape – This item combines a Portal of Order with a Merlin's Cloak. In other words, it teleports your city to a specific location and changes your Lord’s or Lady’s name. Use it to hide from the gaze of your enemies!
    • Horn of Plenty – This item reduces the Food upkeep for all of your Troops by 50% for 8 hours. Having trouble keeping your sprawling army fed? Use a Horn of Plenty and for 8 hours, your troops will consume less food!

Bug fixes[]

  • Implemented a security Fix designed to prevent people from logging in under other user’s accounts.
  • Fixed a bug where reinforcement marches to allies that were cancelled wouldn’t display that the troop had returned.
  • Improved error messages in an effort to identify and correct "unknown error" issues. We will continue to be working on this issue moving forward.
  • Fixed a bug that was occasionally preventing players from building Fortifications.

28 June 2010[]

  • Cottage Image changed.
  • Pop up messages have been updated
  • "The Build and Share and Research and Share features have been temporarily removed."

20 May 2010[]

  • User Interface revamped.
  • Shop Interface has been simplified. Request to Buy has been removed.
  • New Avatar images have been introduced. Click your Avatar picture to change it!
  • Fourth City has been added.
  • This was the first patch to have a rhyming letter.

06 May 2010[]

  • Leaderboard is live on all servers.
  • Search the Battlefield! - After a successful battle you will get the option to have your friends salvage the field. Simply click the corresponding button at the end of a battle report.
  • Distance added to the Map. Click a tile to see the distance of this tile to your currently active city.
  • Alliance Reports added. To view these click Alliance and then Reports on top.
  • More ways to get free gems in near future.
  • Rule Change: Posting of player coordinates in open chat allowed.
  • You can now view the Facebook profile of your KoC friends. Simply click on the player, Visit Court and click View Facebook Profile at the bottom of the window.
  • Minor Fixes.

15 April 2010[]

New Features[]

  • Leaderboard: In order to foster competition between players, we have launched a Leaderboard! We are currently testing it on select Domains, but have placed the framework on all Domains. If you see the message "Leaderboard Coming Soon" it means we have not released the Leaderboard on your Domain yet.
  • Mists of Avalon: Now widely available in exchange for a small number of Gems, Lords and Ladies of Camelot may purchase a 'Potion of Mist,' which will unleash the mystical Mists of Avalon across your cities, blanketing them in a dense fog. The Mists make what is concealed impossible to view for all but those who send Scouting parties against your cities. New Lords and Ladies just starting out in Camelot will find that these magical Mists will automatically grant them aid during the early days of their rule.
    • A word of caution: the Mists are a deterrent, intended only to confuse and bewilder opponents. They are not absolute protection, and you are still susceptible to enemy Scouts and Troops while under the Mists. Should an attacker see through your Mists and attack, you will still suffer appropriate losses. However, the mists will continue to endure, allowing you time to move your city if you so choose. Using a Portal of any kind will still whisk your city to a new location, but with the added effect of adding Mists on all of your cities, as well as the Plains you just left. In addition, engaging in aggression against any other player's cities or controlled wildernesses will cause the Mists to dissipate immediately.
  • New Troop Art: Arthur has commissioned new portraits for your troops, which may be found in your Barracks. All troops will still work the same way as before and no new troop types have been added.
  • Gifting: The value of the gifts have gone up a level so that you may better assist your friends grow their kingdoms. Send some today!

Bug Fixes[]

  • Market: The Market should now be significantly more stable.
  • Traps: We have rebalanced Traps making them a more effective defense.
  • Messaging: We have fixed some issues with opening messages, and your inboxes and reports should now be more reliable.

30 March 2010[]

  • Third City! Read more about it here!
  • Cancel Troop production
  • New Button to view Reinforcements

25 February 2010[]

New Features[]

  • High level Wildernesses now give you the chance to obtain Crests, which will be used in the near future to unlock Third Cities!
  • The people of the Wildernesses have learned to make Traps
  • Wildernesses must now be Secured in order to be conquered. This means you will need to send a few more Troops in to Wildernesses to Secure them
  • A new Crest Tournament has begun! Gather as many Crests as possible in the next week to be awarded by Arthur

Changes to existing features[]

  • User Settings have been added which allow you to edit your Ignore and Block lists, and set which Chat Tab will appear when you load the game. This can be found above the Chat window
  • You will now be warned if you accidentally try to send no Troops on a March or no Resources on a Transport
  • Supply Troops only and Scout Troops only check-boxes are now working
  • Added new Feeds for Success during Battles. Now share your victories with your friends!

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where canceling Deconstruction gave Resources
  • Fixed an issue where some users were stuck in the Tutorial
  • Fixed an issue with Scouts not dying while defending against other Scouting attempts
  • Fixed a bug with Alliance Diplomacy

10 February 2010[]

New Features[]

Changes to existing features[]

  • All existing Feed Posts have been updated with new text and images
  • You may now get more information from Scouting by sending an Intelligent Knight, and having more of your Scouts survive
  • Rewording of many Quests
  • Second Cities can now only be built if you have a Second City Deed, which can be claimed by a Quest, or found in the Court section of the Shop. This does not affect existing Second Cities. Further Cities will also need Deeds, but they will each have different requirements
  • Merlin has taken over the New User Tutorial
  • Message about Gifting in Merlin's Magical Boxes
  • Message about the bonus to Knights who are players in the Knights' Hall

Bug fixes[]

  • Unread Report count will now display correctly
  • Transport Reports may now be deleted
  • Scouts will now show Defenses
  • Bookmarks can now be Deleted
  • Aura of Command is now working correctly
  • Recalled Troops will no longer disappear
  • When you click "Block" in messages, you will now get a confirmation box

3rd and 4th Cities are only a couple of weeks away!

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