Iron 30
Ore is one of the basic resource in Kingdoms of Camelot. it is required to build, research, and train units.

Ore is produced at mines, and can be plundered from enemy cities and Barbarian Camps.

Mountains increase ore production when you conquer them.

Ore is used the least in the beginning of the game. However, as you grow stronger in the game, you will find that ore is not an easy resource to find and is much sought after.

Ore amounts needed for training troops
Troop type Amount of ore
Supply troop 10
Militiaman 50
Scout 150
Pikeman 100
Swordsman 400
Archer 300
Cavalry 500
Heavy Cavalry 2500
Supply Wagon 350
Ballista 1800
Battering Ram 1500
Catapult 1200
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