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By definition an officer is a person who holds office, i.e. a position of rank or authority in an army, navy, air force, or any similar organization, especially one who holds a commission. Regarding Kingdoms of Camelot, an officer is a member who has received commendation for their work in an Alliance and is charges with a level of responsibility to better the alliance as a whole. This position is the the second of four alliance-specific titles held within Kingdoms of Camelot, coming after membership but before both Vice Chancellor and Chancellor.

What is the Officer and what is he allowed to do within the Alliance?

An officer is part of the leadership of the Alliance. Officers have the power to both invite and remove standard members within the Alliance as well as accept joining requests sent to the alliance. Members with the officer position are immediately capable of sending alliance-wide messages contacting all members, no matter their rank.

What duties can officers expect?

Each Alliance has different expectations of its members, but a number of common roles exist between Alliances and servers. Commonly, officers are asked to perform a number of tasks vital to the growth of an alliance as a whole. In addition to actively maintaining their own cities and building both wealth and might, officers are the first connection most members have to the leadership of an alliance. Officers will watch the interaction of members in chat and maintain order and peace within the alliance. Officers are frequently called upon to answer questions of members and help keep basic organization in the Alliance.

Do I get anything for being an officer?

Most officers find the ability to help out their alliance and bring growth to be a reward. For holding the title of officer there are no benefits, items, might, or experience gained from Kingdoms of Camelot. It is, however, possible for an alliance to offer benefits to its members personally, but nothing is required to be given based on title within the alliance.