Obsidian Rune
Obsidian Rune-icon.png
—Image © Kabam
Gems Required50
How also availableN/A
What it doesThis rune allows you to summon the Iron Indrik to your city. The Iron Indrik boosts your Ore production, capacity and increases the Attack attribute of your marching troops.

How to use

Click on the pad for the Guardian in the city view. By default the Weald Fenrir or wood guardian will pop up. Use the arrows on either side to select the the Iron Indrik. If you already have purchased this item in the Shop you can simply click the unlock button and begin building it. However if you have not, you will see the unlock button greyed out and you will have the option to purchase it in the same window.

Other ways of acquisition

As of current, there are no then ways of gaining this item other than shop purchase.

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