Summons 2 bundles of 10,000 Gold, Food, Wood Stone or Ore for your Kingdom.
Share Quest

What is it

Completing quests have now become a little more rewarding. When you complete a quest, and click on get reward you will get a new screen. Here you can choose to share with friends or skip. If you decide to share with your friends, 5 of your friends will have the chance to get the Mysterious Bounty Chest containing 20,000 random free resources.

How to get it

Quest Reward

All you have to do is click, claim reward on a friends wall post labeled "I want to share my Mysterious Bounty with you". You will be taken to a screen that asks you to choose which domain you want the chest to be on. After choosing the domain it will be added to your inventory (My Items). You will find it under the chest tab.


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