A city or plains under the Mists of Avalon

Normally, the map will give information about the owner of a city , the owner's might , and his/her alliance . The Mists of Avalon conceals this information and displays a dense fog, or mist, over the city. The Mists of Avalon can be enabled by purchasing a Potion of Mist , available in the shop.

The Mists of Avalon only prevent the map from giving away player information. If another player sends a scout or army to the location, the conflict will occur as usual. The Mists of Avalon expire early if the player using the Mists attacks or scouts another player. The Mists do not expire if the player captures an unowned wilderness .

When the Mists of Avalon are active, an icon will appear in the upper right corner of the map and will indicate the days remaining before expiration.


Though often confused, the Mists of Avalon are not the same as the beginner protection. Beginner protection is given to new players by Merlin and sheilds new users from attack and expires in 4 days. The Mists of Avalon lasts for seven days and simply conceals the data which would normally be available on the map.


  • All of your current cities will appear as mist covered tiles to anyone viewing the map.
  • If you move your city with a Portal of Refuge or Portal of Order, both your old and you new city location will appear as mist covered tiles.
  • Your Wilderness tiles will appear as unowned in the map view.
  • If someone scouts or attacks one of the tiles containing your city, they will see that you were involved in the combat as normal, but the tile will remain misty.
  • If someone scouts or attacks a tile where your city was before it moved, they will encounter an unowned level 1 plain, but the tile will remain misty.
  • If someone scouts or attacks one of your wilds, they will fight your troops, and not barbarians as they normally would on an unowned tile.
  • If you break the mist by attacking another player, the mist will be lifted from your cities and your name will appear on your wilds again. Any tiles that you abandoned by moving your city during the mist will remain mist-covered.
  • A Potion of Mist will place your city under the Mists of Avalon, but will not move your city.
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