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Storehouse Edit


the slashed out cells do not make any sense to me since you can reach those numbers with a single city. Would you mind explaining to me why you would need multiple cities to reach those numbers? Additionally the storehouses in different cities do not have an impact on each other.

Research: Shrinking Powder lv9

  • City #1:
    • Storehouse lv9 => 1.71m
  • City #2:
    • Storehouse lv3 => 570k

I would be very interested to hear the reasoning behind your edit before I rollback to make sure I am not neglecting something.
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Addendum Edit

What I would suggest is to remove the strikethrough and add what you explained to me under the table as additional information. It would most probably make it a lot easier to understand that way ;-)
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Your Edit Edit

Exactly ;-) Thanks for adding that bit of information and the background looks great!
--Marodex 00:24, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

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