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percentages on Guardian article Edit

Another user commented on being baffled by the alteration you did to the Guardian article's table of boosts. I confess I am equally baffled How a boost that is advertised as 20% can become 4%. Perhaps you could add some explanatory text about what you meant with these different percentages? Without any explanation I will have to regard it as a nonsense edit.... J JM 05:27, April 13, 2011 (UTC)

Admin Edit

Hi there,

as a new contribitor I would advise you to get set in and work on the content first. The only difference between me and you is that I am able to remove spam comments/advertisements and edit the main wikia page. As this is a minimal difference what you can already accomplish, I do not deem it necessary to add further admins at the current time. When I decide to raise the number of team members, it will be decided on the contributions and what kind of contributions these are. If I have to choose between someone that has 1000 crap edits and someone that has only 100 edits which are brilliant, it will be a simple choice. If you would like to be an admin at some point, please keep this in mind. ;-)

Cheers and welcome!

--Marodex 08:08, April 13, 2011 (UTC)

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