Merlin's Magical Tokens
Merlin's Magical Tokens-icon
—Image © Kabam
Gems Required5
How also availableLogging each day
What it doesGives you one chance to randomly win a rare item in Merlin's Magical Boxes.

How to use

Select the item in your inventory and play Merlin's Magical Boxes.

Other ways of acquisition

  • Every 24 hours you receive a free token. This token must be used as it cannot be save for a later time.
  • Assisting in Research or Builds. This token can be saved for later use.
  • You can gain one from a Chest post or similar posts on Facebook but only one person can get it so you must be quick. Once it's gone it's gone.
  • 5x are included in a Knight's Package.
  • 5x are included in a Squire's Package.
  • 5x are included in a Page's Package.
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