Member is the initial rank given to a new recruit within an alliance. The position warrants no specific benefits nor penalties, and is often the rank members will hold in their time within a strong alliance.

  • What is it to be a member?

Being the default, entry-level position of an alliance, members are the general population within an organization. Active members are obviously key to the growth and development of an alliance, both socially and in terms of alliance might. Members are expected to be helpful and courteous to one another, and to do nothing directly against the rules or regulations of the alliance, as well as report any disruptive members. Being a member is akin to being a civilian in the present day.

  • Why be a member?

As a member of an alliance there seem to be little in the way of direct benefits initially. However, the gains of membership in an alliance come from a growing social circle from which to learn and teach, as well as to offer and be offered assistance. Presence in an alliance also commonly serves as a deterrent from other, usually more powerful, players attacking in hopes of quick and easy gain of resources and gold. Having an alliance tag shows that others are interested in the well-being of a city and often will prevent attacks from some of the most brash of players.

  • Promotion

Highly active players in an alliance are frequently seen and commonly cited for their efforts. As a member becomes more familiar with an alliance, its policies and regulations, and grows to be indispensable to an alliance, frequently they are rewarded. This reward comes in the form of a promotion to the rank of Officer. Though not uncommon, these promotions are usually earned through lengthy involvement in a single alliance and requires extended effort above the position of membership.

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