Observed bugs in Kingdoms of Camelot to be recorded and discussed on this page

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Any bugs that are encountered and need addressing my developers of KoC are documented in this section.

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Description of observed bug encountered during play of KoC that requires correction by software developers

  • Identify and describe bug including domain and date encountered.

Bug 1: Anytime diplomacy is set for any alliance, a message is sent to both alliances that diplomacy is against regardless of the initiating state of diplomacy set to Friendly, Neutral or Hostile.

  • This bug has been observed in Llamrei25 since first creating a city in this domain approximately 2/1/2010.
  • The bug has been observed and discussed between different alliances since first encounter.
  • Bug continues after email sent to KoC software developers approximatley 2/7/2010.
  • Each time diplomacy is set a message is sent to both alliances that one is against the other.
  • This bug has been tested by setting diplomacy to Friendly, Neutral, and Hostile and message stating against observed by both alliances each time.
  • The bug does not include how diplomacy is set for the alliance setting the diplomacy.
  • In other words when an alliance sets diplomacy to Friendly the alliance will show as Friendly even though message of against is generated.
  • Currently each alliance sends a message to other alliance stating how the diplomacy has
  • been set to clarify and negate message automatically created and sent by KoC.
  • This bug existed and continues to exist as of today 2/20/2010.
  • The chancellor of the alliance performed the act of setting diplomacy and is not a factor regarding this bug.
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