Comprehensive list of bugs that are currently in game. Rate severity from 1 (minor bug with little to no negative impact) to 5 (severely impairs gameplay). Remove when fixed, please include a brief description of the fix in the comment section when deleting. Try to be as concise as possible in the bug's description. For bug fixes that aren't put into the dev notes, it's helpful to know when a bug has last been checked for a fix, put the month and year in parentheses at the end if you've recently checked a bug and confirmed it's still in game.


*Severity - Description & Workaround if available (Month/Year)


  • 1 - Anytime diplomacy is set for any alliance, a message is sent to both alliances that diplomacy is against regardless of the initiating state of diplomacy set to Friendly, Neutral or Hostile.

This bug needs to be explained again. As it is the sentences make no sense or whatsoever.

*This bug has been observed in Llamrei25 since first creating a city in this domain approximately 2/1/2010.
*Bug continues after email sent to KoC software developers approximatley 2/7/2010.
*Each time diplomacy is set a message is sent to both alliances that one is against the other.
*This bug has been tested by setting diplomacy to Friendly, Neutral, and Hostile and message stating against observed by both alliances each time.
*The bug does not include how diplomacy is set for the alliance setting the diplomacy. In other words when an alliance sets diplomacy to Friendly the alliance will show as Friendly even though message of against is generated.
*Currently each alliance sends a message to other alliance stating how the diplomacy has been set to clarify and negate message automatically created and sent by KoC.
*This bug existed and continues to exist as of today 2/20/2010.
*The chancellor of the alliance performed the act of setting diplomacy and is not a factor regarding this bug.


  • 1 - The game will tell you that there are unread messages in your inbox even though there are none. A workaround is pressing F5 or simply emptying all of your inbox if there are no messages you would like to keep. (02/10)
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