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This page is a comprehensive list of bugs that are currently in game.

Rate severity level from 1 (minor bug with little to no negative impact) to 5 (severely impairs gameplay).


Level Glitch Title Glitch Description Added Last Checked/Updated Fixed?
5 Level 0 building For unknown reasons, if you start constructing a new building, there is a chance that it will stay level 0 - A used spot, that won't function properly. Sometimes a refresh will fix it. Sometimes waiting a few hours and then doing a refresh will fix it. If neither of these works, you will have to contact the developers with your city information and ask them to remove the broken building for you. Use the Help link on the chat window.

Empty spot in the field. (Construction bug)

Picture 2

This is the error that pops up, if you try to Upgrade the lv.0 Farm.

10 March 2010 7 June No
4 Reassigned troops and goods For unknown reasons, reassigned troops and transported goods sometimes return to their origin after move, or worse, become lost. 5 May 2010 18 June 2012 No
3 Troop Movement Error If your castles are very close, troop movements don't always work. This is especially true of fast troops like scouts. As I understand, it has to do with the timing of the server, and they are working on it. What happens is: you send troops from one castle to another. The countdown timer begins. As it finishes, it seems to report that the troops are no longer in the first city, but they haven't arrived in the second, either. Also, resources do not change accordingly. Refreshing reverts the game to the original troop amounts in each city. The work around seems to be to include one slow moving unit in the troops to be sent. You may look at Troop Speed to find a slow moving troop to include. 9 May 2010 9 May No
3 Wilderness traps Trying to buy traps for wildernesses will fail if the player has low amounts of gold, but still enough to buy the number of traps. Game will incorrectly report that the player has insufficient gold, but the gold will be taken from the player. Subsequent attempts will remove even more gold. 24 July 2010 24 July 2010 No
3 Rally Point Error Right after you send troops on a march, if you click over to another city tab, then it will seem as if the troops are marching from the newly selected city. Sometimes you will see a march timer, other times you won't. An equal number of troops in the newly selected city may become unusable until the march returns. This can be especially confusing if you send more troops than you have in the next city, as it brings troop numbers into the negatives. Refreshing helps. 14 June 2010 18 June 2012 Yes
1 NaN resources The game will rarely tell you you have NaN resources. This may be because your production has suddenly increased and the server is lagging behind. A refresh (or two, or three) should solve this. 7 June 2010 18 June 2012 No
1 Inbox error The game will tell you that there are unread messages in your inbox even though there are none. A workaround is pressing F5 or simply emptying all of your inbox if there are no messages you would like to keep. 10 March 2010 18 June 2012 No
1 Deconstruct error If the player presses destroy on a building whilst under deconstruction, the building gets destroyed but the deconstruction timer continues. 30 June 2010 18 June 2012 Yes
1 Increase gold If the player chooses to increase gold, then the game reports 'gold increased to X' - X is the old amount rather than the new amount including the amount increased. It does increase correctly however. 24 July 2010 18 June 2012 Yes
3 Lab research post This affects a player with 2 cities where the lab level differs. When a speed request is posted for the lower level lab research the other research will be posted again instead. It does however post to FB wall correctly. 3 Oct 2010 18 June 2012 Yes
3 False incoming attack This affects a player with more than one city. If a scout is sent out from the 2nd city and the player switches to the 1st city then an 'incoming attack!' warning will pop up when the scouts hit. The report will indicate the troops found in the scout report. A refresh is required to make it go away. 3 Oct 2010 18 June 2012



If you happen to find a bug, and try to use it to your advantage, the developers send you a note like this:

To: Me

From: Kingdoms Of Camelot

Subject: An Important Message Regarding Your Account

Dear Kingdoms of Camelot Player,

Our records indicate that you have engaged in behavior that is against fair game play. As a result your account has been penalized and your resources have been adjusted. In the future, we ask that, if you discover any bugs that allow exploits in the game that you please report them to us using the Help link in the Chat box. Moving forward, any deliberate abuse of bugs may result in the suspension of the offending player's account.

If you find this message has been sent to you in error, please feel free to contact us using the same link mentioned above.

The Kingdoms of Camelot Team