Knights Templar: To defend the innocent from violent attack.

ex aequo et bono

(according to what is just and good)

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Mission Statement

Our Alliance is dedicated to helping each member have a productive and prosperous city in the fastest means available. We offer our time, resources and wisdom to each and every member. We grow as one, fight as one, defend as one.

"This is a 'Quick Start' guide to point you in the right direction."

This site is for all Knights Templar members and anyone else to post whatever they feel they want to share. Post past experiences, lessons learned, whatever. I will try to update it with my recipes for troop production and what not! Most of this I have learned from the Wiki but will cut and paste snippets of info I see useful. You do the same if you would like. Thank you for the participation!

Points To Ponder

  • The quote and historical references are just historical excerpts from the wikipedia and by no means reflect the gameplay. There are NO religious overtones here as there is no need for them here. Play the game as any and have fun and never take it too serious!
  • I know a lot of you will find this info way too redundant - you megamighters! But, when I first started out, I wished there was someone around that I could constantly bug and annoy about what I should be doing. I hope you high and mighty ones will add to this page so the rest of us can move up with you.

*Reminder: These steps are by no means set in stone - there are a myriad of ways to go about this game. That's why this page is here. Just because I give an example doesn't make it right. I hope others that read this will decide to add their own experiences to this page because I want to learn as well! (It's easy! Click on 'edit this page' at the top and have at it - don't be shy!)


A Templar Knight is truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armor of faith, just as his body is protected by the armor of steel. He is thus doubly-armed, and need fear neither demons nor men. (Bernard of Clairvaux, 1135) !!! Mind you, the word faith does not need to refer to a religious belief. Def. Faith is the confident belief or trust in the truth or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. We do not need to get religious here - I can believe in myself that I ultimately control my destiny and fate through knowledge, training and wisdom!!!

What I do believe in is Honor. Being true to yourself and the others you represent. Stand for something or fall for anything. Cliche yes but aren't most cliche's actually overused words of wisdom?


(Excalibur130 domain)

Chancellor: Lady Silvermist


Vice Chancellor: Lord Deanamal

Officers: Lord Zecarias, Lord Lazerius, Lord Shagmaster, Lord Ramboknight, Lord Marcuvius


The Knights Templar were the elite fighting force of their day, highly trained, well-equipped and highly motivated; one of the tenets of their religious order was that they were forbidden from retreating in battle.

They were the first warrior monks of the western world. They had the full support of the Pope, paid no taxes, were allowed to cross any border and were not subject to any authority except that of the Pope. They had to sign over all their assets to fight for the cause. They invented banking (some say that is how Switzerland got started) and had secret codes to keep track of assets and property.

Crests of the Knights Templar


Refer to this page: Defensive Strategy

Then, read this page on Building an Army  and then check out the Offensive Strategy page.

Kingdoms of Camelot Wiki READ READ READ and then READ some more!

Wikipedia (This is an excellent page to learn strategy! I highly recommend it!!!)

General Info

Your first city will be dropped in a random "province". Go to map view and get an idea of your surroundings. Each tile/space has a wilderness of some type or a city or barbarian camp. You can capture these wilds to take advantage of these resources. You can drag the map around with your hand icon. Notice the red lines? These mark the boundaries of provinces. When you get ready to build your next city, you might want to consider placing it in another province to take advantage of the different market rates when you want to buy or sell some of your resources. Some people like to keep their cities close to cut down on times when it comes to transferring goods but not much a factor.

The first page I like to really delve into is the Defensive Strategy page. The first paragraph is understanding how the game works - gloss over the rest of the page. The remainder of the page will become more pertinent as time goes on.

The next page I really like to focus on is Building an Army . This is the meat of the game. Remember to keep your resources balanced. You can easily run out of resources and even over-extend yourself to the point where you start to lose food, gold, etc and this will cause a ripple effect. Lose food, your troops desert; lose gold and your knights desert.

Setting Up Your City

At first, you will want to follow your Quests guide - this will help you get going in the right direction until you get the feel of it. To help, I've included a sample of one of my cities and the number of buildings I have in it. I start out with the required buildings, embassy, knight's hall, barracks, cottages, etc. Your resources will come from fields immediately outside your city that you acquire with each level of castle upgrade. I personally focus on farms as the majority. Example: Level 9 Castle, I have 15 farms, 7 sawmills, 8 mines and 7 quarries. As your troops increase, you will need more and more food to keep them fed. Again, this is just an example - you will need to determine what resources you need to maintain your city. If you would rather have more sawmills to supply your archers then so be it. You can always "Deconstruct " a field or building and then rebuild over the same tile with what you need. Thing to consider when using deconstruct - If you are tearing down a cottage to make room for a barracks, remember to upgrade one other cottage before you tear down the cottage in question. This prevents your population from taking a hit as your population will drop by tearing down this cottage.

Increase Might

If you want to increase might fast, refer to this page . This page shows you which buildings and troops generate the most might and the rate at which you get this might. Check out the column that shows you the most 'bang for your buck' (might per minute).

Troop Production

My example city has 13 barracks in it. The first barracks is lvl 9 and the remainder are at least lvl 6 and up (it's a work in progress). This setup gives me 7 1/2 archers per minute or 450 archers per hour. You can increase this by having more barracks and 'upping' the levels of your remaining barracks. You must make sure that your resource levels can keep up. AND, make sure your population can support it. Don't train 1000 archers when you only have 450 people in "Idle Population". Note: Having 13 barracks only leaves room for 7 cottages - these must be leveled up to keep up with your troop population and resource production. Refer to Barracks and Training Speed to get a better idea on this topic.

Another example on troop production: 13 barracks, one at lvl 9, the remaining at lvl 8:

Militia: 1000 in 7m 27s

Supply: 1000 in 14m

Archers: 1000 in 1h 44m

Cav: 1000 in 1h 49m

Appoint Knights

Appoint knights as soon as you can. These knights aid in resource collection, research, combat and politics. As your knight's experience grows, so does his/her salary. You will have to adjust your tax rate accordingly - I like to have it barely above break even. Maybe a little more to pad in case your forget about your knight's salary. If you need more gold, use the Increase Gold button. This forces each citizen to pay up 10 gold immediately but will decrease your city's happiness by 20 points. Don't go below 50 happiness or bad things happen. You can increase your tavern level to offset your tax rate to allow for a happier city!

First appoint 4 knights, then assign each one a role. These roles aid in construction time (Foreman), combat (Marshall), research lab speed (Alchemist), resource collection rate (Steward). As time goes by, these knights will gain experience points. Make sure your daily house cleaning includes assigning these knights the points they accumulate towards their skills. For example, to speed up research, assign all Alchemist skill points towards his/her intelligence tab to get his ability up the fastest. For your marshall (the knight who will defend your castle when attacked), assign his/her skill points towards combat.

Besides the 4 knights, you will need to appoint at least two more to do any attacking. You need 'idle' knights (knights NOT assigned a role) to lead attack marches. Note: Your Rally Point comes in to play here.


This is a good time to mention it - upgrade your embassy soon. This allows you to keep other troops from your alliance that have been sent to aid you in battle. If you have been constantly attacked and have had enough, ask for help and other members of your alliance will send troops to reinforce your city. The higher the level of your embassy, the more troops you can house. Remember though, your food resources will be used to feed these added troops. Also, they cannot Hide in Sanctuary like you can with your city troops. If someone attacks you, these troops will fight.

NOTE: A recent attack was attempted on one of our Vice Chancellors. He just happened to check in at lunch while working and noticed an imminent attack. The attack was still over an hour away yet he did send out a call for help to our alliance giving us the ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the attack and then had to leave. While at work, worrying about the fate of his city, alliance members answered the call - they sent what they had to reinforce his city and the attack was thwarted! Our VC returned to see not only his city intact but his alliance chasing the would-be-attacker back to his city like a whipped dog, scaled his walls and showed the attacker "what-for"! A good lesson here - level up this building fast! It can save your rear. Another lesson, if you are warned of an impending attack - let your alliance know - get on alliance chat and shout out! Don't try to ride it out yourself - that's what alliances are for.

Second City

To get your second city, you will need 10 friends that play KoC to have as 'your' friend. Ask the alliance officers for help in this. They can get your request out to the entire alliance and ask members to provide you with friend requests. Use these friends as your knights because you can reward these members that step up to help you. This allows for a more give and take atmosphere which is always good.

Once you have your second city, start setting it up. Some things to consider: Do you want to make a copy of your first? I try to have different setups per city. One city can crank out lots of archers; the other city cranks out lots of resources to support the first city and so on. Once you have your second city rolling, start planning for your third city. To get this, you must capture wilds level 5 and higher to find crests. (Look in the subcat Crests in the Wilderness) Please use the charts in conquering these wilds - believe me, they will save you a lot of time, frustration and resources. No point in capturing a wild when you lose half your army!

Daily House Cleaning

About to jump into the meat of the game below but before going there, I'd like to discuss what I call TCB (Taking Care of Business). At some time while I'm on, typically before I shut it all down and hit the hay, I will go through a few minor steps that helps keep my cities always increasing in might as well as helping others that have helped you.

  1. Gifting: While not necessary I still gift to those that gave me their emails to get my very first extra city (way back when). Every little bit helps. This helps them and also 'your' alliance.
  2. Knights Hall: Each day, your knights will accumulate skill points. Make sure you assign these points. You would be surprised to see how much effect your knights have on construction speed and resource gathering when these knights have been given the maximum points.
  3. March Reports: Delete these at the end of your day. Leaving these stacked up will not only slow down your web page but also slows down the server you're playing on. For every person that logs on, the server has to pull these files up and have them ready for your viewing. If you have some reports that will exonerate you - save them (copy/paste) into notepad or whatever until you don't need them.
  4. Check your Inbox for messages. The Boss or the officers of the alliance may want your attention so please respond to any requests from them. Lack of response if specifically called on may get you booted!
  5. Build, build, build: Check each city before you shut down and see if there's a large build or Alchemist project you can start and have running while you dream of conquest during the wee hours. I will always 'try' to have wall/field stuff going on while a major build is going down. These wall/field defense builds take a lot of time - save these for when you log off.
  6. Resources: Peek at each cities Overview tab and make sure there is nothing running in the negative (except for gold - no big deal there). It would bite if you shut down while your food is in the minus (large armies - sometimes this can't be avoided - make sure your surplus will cover your away time) and come back the next morning and half your army deserted on you.

Wall/Field Defenses

From what I have learned about these (being very little), I can't say much here. If anyone has experience with being attacked and what they had versus what someone attacked with and losses, I would love to know. Anyone can cut and paste their attack report here - that would be awesome. I've heard caltrops for archers versus traps - I dunno. Refer to this page, Offensive Strategy and scroll down to 'Cleaner Waves' and read that and hopefully it will enlighten you. You can also go to your Alliance tab and select Reports to scroll through to find various attack reports to pick out any useful info. In your attack report, you will see who attacked who. Find their name and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of your KoC page - see the 'Leaderboard' word at the bottom of the page? Click on this and you can do a member search or an alliance search. This will tell you the members' coordinates and strength! A handy thing to remember indeed.

While on this subject, the Watch Tower is extremely important. Try to level this up as soon as you can. This will notify you of an impending attack, who it is, how many and when. The higher the level, the more info you will have which is extremely important to you. The higher levels will allow you time to prepare for a defense or get your gold and resources out of there (to your second city or a wild) to ride out the storm (Blue Oyster Cult reference - gotta love em). Here is a copy of my attack report during a recent campaign. The top half is my troops; the lower half is what I was up against. There were no troops defending. The 'only' thing I had to go up against was 6500 wall mounted crossbows (Deadly!).

Knight Combat Skill: 76 Attack Boosted: 20% Defense Boosted: 20%

Troops Fought Survived
Pikeman 731 731
Swordsman 2285 2285
Archer 35952 23613
Heavy Cavalry 12 12
Supply Wagon 172 172
Ballista 390 0

Knight Combat Skill: None

Troops Fought Survived
Wall-Mounted Crossbows 6500 0

  • I advise only attacking Wall Mounted Crossbows with Swordsmen, Archers will always suffer heavy losses considering they don't actually go IN and take them out, they just fire arrows at them.

You will note that my 390 ballista were wiped out along with 12339 archers! This was also using Barkskin and Bloodlust which increases your defense and attack strength by 20% respectively. So it appears that the crossbows have nearly a 3 to 1 kill ratio. Had there been caltrops there, I think I would have taken much more of a hit. By the way, my fletching was Lvl 9, metal alloys Lvl 9, poisoned edge Lvl 9.

Attacking Cities

Rally Point

Before getting into attacking - lets mention this building here. You absolutely should have this building leveled up to accomodate multiple waves and ALSO the size of your army you can launch. If your RP is only level 4, guess what, your army size in each wave can only be 40k MAX! This will barely make a dent on some cities. You might as well march them over a cliff. Granted, it's enough to take out small cities but when you start running with the big dogs, this better be lvl 9, 10 if you have extra DI's!

Wall Mounted Crossbows

Let's talk about what it takes to bring down a wall with crossbows. These are a real pain and will cause a lot of grief. I have found that if you send in 1 swordsman for every 3 archers in your wave, you will have a good chance on wiping out the crossbows. If you just send in archers alone (refer to Wall/Field Defenses in paragraph above), you will suffer heavy losses. I'm guessing that in the example above, if I were to send in 3 times as many archers as xbows and 1 sword for every 3 archers, I would have very little casualties. At the time, this was all I had because one of our alliance members was under attack and when the call is given - you need to respond. In the wiki section "offensive strategy ", it mentions crossbows (xbows); You can send in archers 10 times the amount of xbows with no losses - I haven't tried this to test it. It also mentions the best thing to defeat crossbows is cavalry - not heavy cavalry. The ratio mentioned here is 1 cav to 1.12 xbows. I haven't tested this either. And that is only if the field has no spikes.

NOTE: The following data is pulled directly from the wiki - not by my experience.

Spikes need to be taken out with heavy cavalry or rams. Use a ratio of 1.5 - 2 rams/hvy cav per spike.

Caltrops: Use militia waves of a ratio of 3 militia per caltrop.

Traps: Use militia on a one-to-one ratio.

Trebuchets: Only worry about these if you're attacking with siege engines (rams/catapults/ballista). Ballista take out trebuchets on a 1 to 1 ratio.

Battle Report - VictoryAttackers breached the walls.Attackers (**********) - (*********)Winner Knight Combat Skill: 90

Troops Fought Survived
Supply Troop 500 500
Militiaman 6240 6240
Pikeman 7200 7200
Swordsman 14128 14128
Archer 28292 4178
Heavy Cavalry 1000 597
Supply Wagon 700 700
Ballista 8434 0
Catapult 2585 0

Defenders (*********) Knight Combat Skill: Higher

Troops Fought Survived
Supply Troop 300 0
Heavy Cavalry 5881 0
Supply Wagon 297 0
Wall-Mounted Crossbows 10280 0Loot

Gold: 3669207Food: 2814677Wood: 1058392Stone: 924392Ore: 252144Back

Wilderness Attacks

I recommend you capture wilds somewhere other than right next to your city. This makes it easy for an opponent to 'snipe' your wilds out from under you. They normally try to do this when your not online like at 2 am (pssst! remember that I mentioned using the whisper mode in chat? You can use this to find out if they are online) - then you wake up the next morning and find out that your might has dropped by 50 thousand or so! (This has happened to me!) What they have done is capture your wilds with a couple of militia or supply troops. A cheap way to get a wild but then they will recall and abandon the wild leaving your poor city to starve. Once the food runs out, your troops desert on you and there goes your might. The KoC gods have just introduced a way to protect your wild . You can now hire mercenaries and or set traps on your wilds. Hiring mercenaries is expensive. I put traps on mine. It only costs you gold - not resources which is cool. You can also use your wilds to hide gold and other resources. As a last resort, I will send out my entire army with all my gold and typically ore - whatever you have an abundance of and Reinforce my wild with these. Check this page out to learn more tips for protect your stuff .

This is my experience with wildernesses only. Refer to the wilds page to see what it "recommends" for you to have before you attack a certain level of wilds. For instance: To capture a lvl 5 wilderness, it recommends you send in two waves: The first wave is commonly known as the 'meat' wave. This wave of troops you will write off with exception of your knight - the knight will always return. This first wave is designed to git rid of all the traps, etc and clear the way for your next wave. Back to the lvl 5 wild: First wave - send 50 supply or militia and select your knight and then march. Now, click on the target again to select your next wave of attackers. Don't fiddle-fart around! You must send this second wave ASAP! If you wait too long, the traps will regen and you will lose some unaccounted-for troops on your second wave. The second wave must always include the slowest member of your first wave. This allows for proper timing. If you forget to choose 1 slow member for your second wave, it could actually overtake your first wave and there you go again, losing more troops than you planned for. So, second wave for this example will be 2500 archers plus 1 supply or militia, then your knight (this must be an 'IDLE' knight (one not assigned a role)) and then MARCH! You CANNOT recall your troops once you click the march button - not yet anyway. So, make sure the coordinates are correct and the troop strength is correct or you will live to regret it. If you select the troops and no coordinates, you will march to 0,0 and watch your troops get slaughtered! There is someone at 0,0 and their might is decent so be wary. By the way, you must have a Rally Point of level 2 to send two waves and lvl 3 to send three waves, etc.

Here's how it goes (LEVEL 5 WILD):

  1. In map view, click on the wild you want to capture (pay attention to see if it's owned by someone - you might just tick some one off).
  2. Click on 'Attack' and then choose your meat wave of 50 militia.
  3. Select your idle knight (good time here to make a mental note of the estimated time of arrival (ETA)).
  4. Click on 'March'.
  5. IMMEDIATELY click on the wild again and select your Kick butt wave.
  6. Select ONE militia and then select your archers (enter 2500 in this space).
  7. Choose your idle knight #2 (preferably the knight with the most combat experience), glance at this waves ETA and make sure it won't pass your first wave.
  8. Click on 'March'.
  9. You will notice a little pop-up message showing the march times of both waves on your map.
  10. After both waves arrive (your first wave will start returning (the lone knight) as your second wave arrives) you will get two reports that come in. First report will show you lost (the meat wave), second wave will show victory!
  11. Go to your city view and select Rally Point and then the Troop Movement tab and recall your second wave.
  12. The wild is now yours! In map view, you will see your crest on the wild showing it's yours.

Note: When selecting a wild to attack, there will be no crest on it showing it belongs to anyone. The only way to see if it's owned is by clicking on it. Note: You can pretty much use this procedure in attacking a barbarian camp but please refer to the barbarian camp page for recommended troops to conquer different levels.

Attack Tables

The first 7 levels are pretty much cut and dry (Use the charts on the Wilderness page for those). Levels 8 through 10 however can be manipulated with various results. The numbers posted here are what I had at the time of attack - NOT what was recommended. If there's something more I can add to this, please let me know. The blanks are there for you to fill in with your results. Please use 'center justify' for continuity. I really don't think the Poisoned Edge level makes a difference but added it to compare results.

  • Note: Lord Zecarias pointed out something I had never utilized before until he mentioned this. The 'Reassign' button. If your city doesn't quite have what these charts recommend, you can always transfer some troops from one city to the other by this button. In map view from the city you want to move troops FROM, click on the city you want to move troops TO and then click the reassign button - then enter the amounts of each troop you want to send over, then March. You do not need to use a knight.

Remember! When these troops get there, your food intake had better be able to support these additional numbers! You will see your food/hour take a huge hit depending on how many and what kind of troops you just reassigned.

Wild Lvl

1st Wave 2nd Wave Losses

Fletch Lvl




Edge Lvl

8 300 Militia 34370 Archers

1st Wave

475 Archers

8 76 8

300 Militia

1 Ballista

23611 Archers

403 Ballista

1 Militia

1st Wave

201 Archers

1 Ballista

9 86 9

300 Militia

1 Ballista

20219 Archers

1035 Ballista

1 Militia

1st Wave

1 Archer!!!

(See copy of report below)

9 85 9
9 600 Militia 40814 Archers

1st Wave 1055 Archers

9 80 9

600 Militia


1 Ballista

39759 Archers

258 Ballista

1 Militia

1st Wave

429 Archers 100 Ballista

9 80 9
9 600 Militia

16109 Archers

1091 Cavalry

1970 Heavy Cav

1 Militia

1st Wave

1200 Archers

1091 Cavalry

457 Heavy Cav

9 81 9

600 Militia

1 Ballista

69747 Archers

844 Ballista

1 Militia

1st Wave

156 Archers

10 91 9

1200 Militia

1 Catapult

19734 Archers

14897 Swords

1789 Heavy Cav

3654 Ballista

2881 Catapults

1st Wave

412 Heavy Cav

50 Catapults

  • I wonder if leaving the Cav out of

the equation would result in the same?

10 95 9
10 1200 Militia

84144 Archers

1 Militia

1st Wave

2776 Archers

9 81 9

1200 Militia

1 Ballista

36728 Archers

761 Ballista

1 Militia

1st Wave

3126 Archers

500 Ballista

1 Militia

9 86 9

  • Notice the difference between the Lvl 9 wilds with and without the use of Ballista? It seems the Ballista are worth much more than archers in terms of losing troops. Just a few hundred Ballista can cut down archer losses. What does one ballista equal in archer strength? From the difference of the two Lvl 9 wilds with and without the use of ballista, it seems the ballista's are about 6 1/3 archers in effectiveness, give or take.

This is the report on the last Lvl 8 wild I conquered. Battle at Grassland Lv.8 (430,629) - Conquered

Aug 19, 10:13 Report No: 1914639

You were victorious! The Attackers secured the Wilderness.LootGold: 0Food: 8,000Wood: 0Stone: 0Ore: 0 Share a story to your wall asking your friends to help you search for extra loot or recover lost troops!Back to ReportsShare to Wall Attackers(Dxxxxxxxl) - (xxx,xxx)Winner Knight Combat Skill: 85

Troops Fought Survived
Militiaman 1 1
Archer 20219 20218
Ballista 1035 1035

Defenders(Enemy) Knight Combat Skill: None

Troops Fought Survived
Supply Troop 6000 0
Militiaman 6000 0
Scout 3000 0
Pikeman 3000 0
Swordsman 1500 0
Archer 1000 0
Cavalry 500 0
Heavy Cavalry 100 0
Ballista 50 0

    • As an example of what happens when you do not use the wilderness charts, I pulled this attack report from our alliance tab and even though the attacker was victorius, look at how many troops were lost. Granted you can only do with what you have but sometimes, patience is a virtue (Lvl 8 Wild).

Winner Knight Combat Skill: 75

Troops Fought Survived
Militiaman 2924 2847
Swordsman 4310 3039
Archer 4192 3188

Defenders (Enemy) Knight Combat Skill: None

Troops Fought Survived
Supply Troop 6000 0
Militiaman 6000 0
Scout 3000 0
Pikeman 3000 0
Swordsman 1500 0
Archer 1000 0
Cavalry 500 0
Heavy Cavalry 100 0
Ballista 50 0
Trap 300 0

LootGold: 0Food: 8000Wood: 0Stone: 0Ore: 0

You will notice that this member lost 77 Militia, 1271 Swordsmen, and 1004 Archers. That's quite a hit trying to take a Level 8 wilderness. The total troop loss was 2352 soldiers. Following the chart above would have only cost 300 militia + 475 archers totaling 775 troops. Now, if I had waited for my archer strength to increase and had way more ballista than I do now, I could have cut those losses even more. Anyway, add your experiences on the table if you like. I really want to see more Level 9 and 10 results.

Barbarian Camps

Similar to attacking wilds, Barbarian camps offer a little more challenge. If there's anyone who can help here, please step in and paste your reports here. Levels 1 thru 7 are cut and dry; level 8 thru 10 are more loss involving.

To be honest, I don't mess with anything higher than 8. All I'm looking for is food and I don't want to waste might getting it. I just have a lot of 7's 'bookmarked' and hit those daily as a routine. This way after hitting 10 7's, you'll gain 7M food and not lose a soul.

Here's my first lvl 8:

Battle at Barbarian Camp Lv.8 (440,630)Sep 03, 05:14 PMReport No: 2696209You were victorious!Attackers breached the walls.LootGold: 8,000Food: 800,000Wood: 80,000Stone: 8,000Ore: 800 Share a story to your wall asking your friends to help you search for extra loot or recover lost troops!Back to ReportsShare to Wall Attackers(Deanamal) - (450,633)Winner Knight Combat Skill: 90

Troops Fought Survived
Swordsman 25000 18937
Archer 73900 69110
Supply Wagon 300 300
Ballista 800 800

Defenders(Enemy) Knight Combat Skill: Higher

Troops Fought Survived
Supply Troop 60000 0
Militiaman 60000 0
Scout 30000 0
Pikeman 30000 0
Swordsman 15000 0
Archer 10000 0
Cavalry 5000 0
Heavy Cavalry 1000 0
Ballista 500 0

I didn't have the archer numbers I wanted so I used what I had. I've seen the wiki charts under Barbarian Camps saying you need 150 thousand archers! If someone can tell me how to launch 150 thousand anything in one wave - I would love to know. I have a lvl 10 Rally Point and I am limited to 100k/wave. Does this mean several waves of successive archers totaling 150k? Won't the first wave get creamed? Again, my lack of experience offers nothing else except trial and error.

Here is an attack report from another alliance member. Here he only lost 16 archers - well done!

Winner Knight Combat Skill: 105

Troops Fought Survived
Archer 96000 95984
Ballista 1500 1500
Catapult 2500 2500

Defenders (Enemy) Knight Combat Skill: Higher

Troops Fought Survived
Supply Troop 60000 0
Militiaman 60000 0
Scout 30000 0
Pikeman 30000 0
Swordsman 15000 0
Archer 10000 0
Cavalry 5000 0
Heavy Cavalry 1000 0
Ballista 500 0

LootGold: 8000Food: 800000Wood: 80000Stone: 8000Ore: 800

Third City

To get your third city, you will have to conquer level 5 wilds and higher to get the crests you need. The higher the wild, the greater the chance you will find a crest? I don't know about this. Refer to the crests in wilderness page and tournament of crests page to figure this out. Crests and Crest Research . Hunting for crests is a royal pain in the *%$. Seriously - you will have to spend a lot of troops (meat waves) and time trying to find these crests. I haven't had the pleasure of looking for the highest crests that you need for your fourth city! You will have to attack lvl 10 wilds to find these! Level 10 wilds means that your first wave will consist of 1200 militia. This is what you will 'write off' for each and every lvl 10 wild - talk about losses! Plan on losing around 60k militia to find these crests - from what I've heard. I hope someone will post their experiences here and their tactics so we can learn from this. Anyone?

Divine Inspiration

I want to talk about DIvine Inspiration (DI). It seems that you need one of these for every level 10 building you want to build. I wished it was like the research - once you attain that level, it follows you from city to city. Also, it costs you 50 gems to get one unless you're lucky enough to have one given to you by the KoC god every once in awhile! There is some debate over which building you will want to use your DI. Most experienced players say to use it on the Alchemy lab. This makes sense. With a level 10 lab, you can do much more research to gain might and build weapons. I am finding out that to have level 10 farming research, you also need a level 10 farm! Why? I could be wrong on this but the page gods seem like they want you to 'support' their efforts with your hard earned cash - I can't blame them but come on!


After all is said and done, this is a game of attrition and battles. But, it's also a game of diplomacy . A lot of your alliance officer's time is spent smoothing the ruffled feathers of its members and members of other alliances. A lot of behind the scenes stuff. There's always someone taking the wild from another, someone scouting another and the one being scouted starts complaining, someone being 'farmed' (when your city is attacked for its resources), someone going off half-cocked and then there's always someone wanting to kick some you-know-what just because! Well, C'est la Vie! All I'm saying is that you should try to be diplomatic if you are in an alliance. Everyone joins an alliance for several reasons: support in resources, knowledge and might. Respect other members in that alliance and remember that your actions will affect everyone else in your alliance. Go through the proper channels and you'll do just fine. Also, pick the brains of your officers and your might leaders - you'll be surprised just how much they are willing to offer in supporting you with their resources and wisdom!

When Diplomacy Fails

The Chancellor and his/her officers will let the alliance know it's time to get ready for war. The paragraph War Preparation covers the steps (no particular order) that are going through my mind when getting ready. This paragraph are some random thoughts about what to consider as you are prepping for war.

  1. Before any attacks are launched, hide your STUFF! Send your stuff to your most defended city or hide them in a wild. If you have lots of gold, start expensive research ASAP or hide it. If you have lots of resources, go to your market and put it up for sale at a ridiculously high price so it won't get sold - it'll just sit there. When the conflict is over, cancel your transactions to get it back. (Of course, this costs you to put it up for sale - a small price to pay for hiding it!) The city you are hiding your stuff should be set to Defend as well as having troops to be able to defend it well. If an attack is imminent, call out to your alliance for reinforcements. Also, please have enough wagons on hand to move your stuff around. Wagons are a necessity!
  2. Go to the opponents alliance list and look for your targets - know where the officers are and note their might (know your enemy). Find the cities that are closest to you and not their might and jot down their coords. Scout your nearest enemies. I like to scout early and save these. It gives them a heads up I know but if you sit back for a bit while prepping before attacking, they are left wondering what's going on.
  3. Coordinate with other members. Someone normally takes charge and lays out a game plan. We first decide what targets we want to go after - typically the officers or the might leaders (usually one and the same but not always). We then decide to go after these targets hitting their wilds first (starve them) and then attack their cities. Coordinate your attacks. Not just with other members of your alliance - first and foremost with yourself. I will pick out a target and scout it. Scouting will give your enemy a 'heads up' alert but I prefer to know what I'm getting in to.
  4. Have the member with the longest distance attack first. If several members are attacking the same city at the same time, it would be best if you all arrived there at roughly the same time. Don't know if it's necessary but makes sense. Maybe stage the attacks - most officers have 3,4 and 5 cities. When attacking one, they can easily shift their army to the other city. Maybe have multiple members coordinate an attack where each city will be attacked at the same time.
  5. Someone should keep track of what's being attacked. I know you can go by the reports but I'm finding out that up to date info is necessary in keeping everyone involved. Have a Warlord - someone in the alliance that is good at rallying several alliance members to coordinate a "show of power" attack. Nothing like shock and awe!
  6. A very crafty opponent who had three cities kept playing the shell game with his resources. We would scout, see his army and loads of resources, attack, only to come back empty-handed and taking a hit from his wall defenses. He would then relocate his army and resources to another city or maybe a wild. What was convenient to him was a multitude of cities from his own alliance surrounding him. If we could have had enough members at the same time to hit all the cities in that area, then I think we might have delivered a mighty blow. As it was, we just spent a lot of time marching (over 2 hour march each way).

War Preparation

When the call is given to prepare for war, here are a few steps that I recommend. Again, these are not in any order and the validity is from my experience only. I keep hoping someone out there that has more experience or a better idea can add to this but here we go. Your leaders will normally give you a heads up so you have a little time to prepare but I always believe in the old addage, "The best offense is a good defense."

  1. Wall/Field Defenses: You should always be working on these. Whenever I train troops, I also will train some wall or field defenses. I still haven't decided what's better on the field - caltrops vs traps. Traps can be sprung on a one-to-one basis and someone told me that caltrops are 3 to 1. I don't know but you need to use these in conjunction with wall mounted crossbows for max effectiveness. By the time most of your buildings are level 9, your field defenses should be maxed out. Not a rule of thumb but the faster you get this done, the least likely you are to be farmed.
  2. Follow the guide on protecting your resources . Have your Storehouse leveled up as fast as you can. Also, research Shrinking Powder. When you are attacked, these two things will allow you to save as much resources as possible when you get farmed.
  3. Watch Tower: Get this building leveled up to at least 8. This will give you info on the size of the army and when it will hit you. This will give you time to decide if you want to defend or hide in the sanctuary (click on your castle to set this). If your army easily will defeat your attacker, set to defend and teach the attacker a lesson. If not, then hide. Get your resources and gold out of there. Move them to your other city or hide in a wilderness you already own. I was getting farmed quite often by a person who liked to attack at 0'dark 30. It was always at 2:30am when I'm not online. So, I started hiding my gold in a wild with my entire army there. You take a chance of taking a hit on your army but the decision is yours.
  4. Your Army: I typically stay with archers, swords and cavalry. I also have a good amount of ballista. It seems most attackers use this formula as well but there are some out there with a total mixed bag. If you are going up against a city that is defended and your scout report shows a lot of cavalry defending, better throw in the pikemen. I myself have been laggard in training these but there are times when you need them. I don't have much experience and data on attacks vs defense but you can find this on the wiki and also by going to your alliance tab and digging through all the battle reports - tedious yes but enlightening.
  5. Your wilds: When you start getting archer numbers in the 30-40k, you will find that most of your wilds are for food. The enemy knows this. They can seriously cripple you just by sniping your wild out from under you. Defend your wilds! At least have traps on them so they can't be taken by just a few scouts. The higher level wild (9 or 10) might want to be defended by hiring mercenaries. Again, that's your call. If I'm notified we are about to go to war, I'll hire some mercs at that time for my most important wilds.
  6. Use your items of Barkskin/Bloodlust, what have you, if you can. These will aid in the defense/attack strength of your troops.
  7. Jump in to alliance chat and ask what you can do. Sometimes it's just a general order to attack the other alliance - remember, there is no honor here. If you see an enemy city close to you and you way outmatch them, too bad for them! Other times, there may be a coordinated attack against the alliance leader who typically has 3 or 4 cities. You can assist there or maybe by going after the leaders' wilds while the stronger players attack his/her cities.
  8. Make sure you have plenty of expendable troops (militia and scouts). You will need a good amount of scouts to scout cities of considerable might. I was using about 3000 scouts and that got wiped out real quick on one city. This wiki suggested having 60k scouts for some players! That may be overkill but better too many than not enough when you need to find out what's going on behind your opponents walls.
  9. Try to learn which troop type will take out what. Archers/swords for xbows; pikeman for cav; etc. I've seen enormous armies get decimated because the attacker sent their waves in the wrong order. Proper scouting and planning will help alleviate this.
  10. Since I just mentioned scouting, I'll say it again - scout, scout and scout. Find your targets and scout them, copy/paste these if you want or leave them in your que (for a bit) so the alliance can view them. From these scout reports, lay out your game plan. Determine if you can attack one city or launch attacks on all of the opponents' cities at once. Do you want to look for their wilds and go for those? Ask for advice on chat if need be or just have at it and learn like the rest of us by doing.
  11. Attacking is fun! Don't make it personal. We clobbered one opponent and after all was said and done, he responded by messaging our entire alliance to let us know how much fun he had and that we were worthy adversaries! A very honorable thing to do and say!


As my experience has taught me, this game has many variables and methods of attack and defense. That's one reason I like this game so much. I'm starting this section here so it can easily be added to by anyone else. If you have attack reports from some of your city conquests OR failures, paste them here so we can learn from it.

I highly recommend visiting this site: Blue Moon Aurora - it talks about basic strategy of this game, very good reading.

I want to list a few strategies that I have experienced, not in any particular order.

Heavy Cavalry and Cavalry:

I have recently seen attacks on some alliance members using nothing but Cav. Consider the following excerpt I cut from the wiki.

Cavalry Tactics

Cavalry, both normal and heavy are invaluable. While the regular infantry and seige has its place it is limited by excessive march times, which gives the defender more than enough time to call reinforcements. Attacks using large numbers of heavy cavalry with regular cav as meatshields are devastating and incredibly fast.

With a large enough number, no one on the map is out of range or can defend against them. 400 clicks on the map takes less than 20 minutes with lvl 9 horse shoes, compare that to sending rams and infantry etc which takes hours.

Additionally, Cavalry is not effected by caltrops, one of the main defences built in large numbers. Assuming the defender has a full range of defenses, at large distances scouts can "attack" and clear traps when sent 1:1, regular Cavalry can clear spikes on a second wave at 1:1 (usually only 2-3k of these get built due to wood requirements).

This leaves trebuchets and crossbows. Trebs are irrelevant to cavalry. So after two 'cleaner' waves the only things between the attacker and defender are crossbows. As an example I send 1:1 cavalry to crossbows + 1:1 cavalry to any ballistae defending as meatshields along with the main force of heavy cavalry with no losses taken to the heavies.

An attack at 300 clicks is over and done in under 15 minutes. Much better I imagine than waiting 2 hours for your giant army to march there only to lose half of it because the defender had time to fill up their embassy.

The power per unit also means it packs a lot more punch per rally point limit. You can only pack so many archers into a single march. Trust me, the attack is fast and devastating!

I suggest defending your city with a lot of Pikemen. I saw a 100k Hvy Cav attack clean out a city fast. It takes about 250k archers to defeat a 100k Hvy Cav force. I don't know what effect 100k Pike will have against that. If anyone out there can offer an idea, please let me know. Keeping a 100k Hvy Cav force is extremely costly in food. You are always looking for food to feed this machine.

Defeating Heavy Cavalry: You need 1.5 times the amount of Pikemen from what I've read to defeat this force. I would suggest building as many spikes as possible if you want to defend a city from cav attack and go heavy with the wall-mounted crossbows.

Well, the rest is a work in progress. So, anyone want to take this over from here? Please do so!

More to follow!

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