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Welcome to Kingdoms of Camelot!

Each domain is a separate server running a separate instance of the game. Resources and alliances cannot be shared between domains. Each player may play on more than one domain if they choose. Gems are the only currency that is shared on a player's account, between domains.

On each domain there are 24 provinces and 1 desert, which is found at the centre of the map.

The designers have added code to prevent people from creating new accounts on the older servers. If you use these links, and you select a domain where you already have an account, it should take you right to it. If you do not have an account, and the domain is one of the many that are locked out, you will be assigned to a random "new" domain instead of the one that you selected.

Each domain has a name and a number. The names of the domains are Annwyn, Arondight, Arthur, Badon, Caliburn, Caval, Celidon, Clarent, Culwich, Excalibur, Galatine, Glessic, Goswhit, Llamrei, Pridwen and Rhon.

For quick access to your domain, you can use the number of your domain at the end of this link :

For example, if you play on Badon28, the link would be