There are two types of ranking memebers. Vice Chancellors and Officers.

1. Officers are able to message all their alliance members simultaneously to disseminate information, send invitations to join the alliance, accept requests to join the alliance, and remove non-ranking members from the alliance.

2. They are able to handle diplomatic problems like wilds being taken from lower ranked alliances or requests to not farm people. Communication of matters that are handled should be sent to all officers so we don’t duplicate the work.

3. They should be willing to teach members when they have questions concerning the game.

4. Officers must be willing to participate in battles and lose troops. They should offer lower might players to help remove defenses so the lower might players can farm. (again possibly losing troops)

5. Copy and paste all whispers to a message and send to all officers when being contacted this way by other alliances. Same if they are messaged individually.

6. Officers must check reports daily and look for problems like wilds being stolen, attacks on members, and mistakes by their members. They should message all officers the information after it is handled.

7. Officers must be active in Alliance Chat and the Chat Groups. You need to chat with members to help avoid conflicts.

Vice-Chancellors should do all of the above and the following.

1. VC’s have the ability to promote and demote members to Officer rank.

2. All dealings with alliances ranked higher than the alliance you are in should be referred to a VC. Communications about what was said should be sent to all officers so they are on the same page

3. VC can set Diplomacy. Any alliances changed to Hostile or Friendly status need to be communicated to all members.

4. Chancy and VC’s decide about going to war with other alliances.

5. There should be one VC on at most times. Not leaving the computer running unattended but reachable by the membership.

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