The Update Letter

A message for all the Lords and Ladies of Camelot:

Paragraph 1

The King grew tired of the look of the game,
and ordered a fresh, new treatment for every domain.

With this new look comes much improvement,
bringing order to the Shop and the Market is the first major movement.

The display in the Shop is now more thought out,
and items on sale will soon be about.

"The Market is awkward," usershave cried,
so the new version has been simplified.

Requesting to buy has now been removed,
and the listing of sales has now been improved.

Those of you with pending requests, never fear,
your Gold will be returned to you in good cheer.

Paragraph 2

Reports of new travelers have been heard here and there,
findings of Treasure and a Traveling Faire.

Keep your ears open, and your eyes on the lookout.
Many new discoveries are here and about.

Paragraph 3

Do you grow tired of your how you appear in the game?
Click on your Avatar next to your name.

There are eight new faces for you to choose!
Stand out from the pack with whichever you use.

Speaking of looks check out the Reports,
new scenes of your adventures to share with cohorts.

Paragraph 4

The King has saved the best news for last,
Fourth Citesare here finally, so earn yours fast!

The way to obtain them is easy to learn,
attack Wilds level 8 and above and Crestsmay be earned.

Those with appropriate number of Crests
will gain their Fourth City Deed by completing the Quest!


Thank you for listening to this great news from your King,
we hope these new features are to every Lord and Ladies liking.

The Kingdoms of Camelot Team


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