Fountain of Youth
Fountain of Youth-icon.png
—Image © Kabam
Gems Required20
What it doesAllows you to re-allocate all of a single Knight's skill points gained since level 1. One Fountain of Youth is needed for every 10 levels.

How to use

Select the Knight's Hall in your city and open the "My Knights" pane. Click on the blue assign skill button to the far right of the Knight whose skill points you wish to re-allocate. I new window will open showing his or her skill points. In the right hand corner above the skill points (see images below) there is another blue button this time labeled "Re-distribute Skills". In the next window you will see the option to use the Fountain of Youth. It will tell you how many you need to proceed and how many you own. If you do not have enough, you can buy more via the "Get more" link next to the amount you have. Once you have enough you may redistribute the skills as you see fit.

Other ways of acquisition


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