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Flame Archer

Flame Archers are a new unit in Kingdoms of Camelot. Flame Archers are adept at slaying troops from a distance. Their bows use Pristine Yew Branches, which are found in Forests and Dark Forests. Their flame-tipped arrows wreak extra damage when attacking Dark Forests.


Flame Archers are able to be trained as of early 2013. You can train them in any city with a level 11 Barracks, but they require Pristine Yew Branches to make. One Branch makes one Flame Archer, and you get them as drops from Woods and Dark Forests


  • Attack 1700
  • Speed 140
  • Defense 40
  • Range 1600
  • Life 800
  • Load 50
  • Upkeep 150
  • Type Ranged
  • Skills +10% Attack against Dark Forests