5th City Deed

Fifth City Deed

The Fifth City was made available as part of the patch on Monday the 30th of August 2010 following the release of new crests and a tournament . The crests needed to build the fifth city are:

  • 4 Sir Percival's
  • 3 Sir Galahad's
  • 2 Sir Lancelot's.

These crests drop in level 8-10 wildernesses.

Fifth Cities mean that you can have more troops and produce more resources than before. They are also easier to build than before as you do not have to send supply troops and resources to the plain before you can build it.

The Fifth City Deed is the first city deed you can buy in the shop it costs 750 Gems. There is also a new chest, the Lord's Chest, in the shop. This includes:

  • 1~3 Sir Galahad's Crest
  • 1~3 Sir Lancelot's Crest
  • 1~3 King Arthur's Crest
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