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===Why can't I retrieve my gifts?===
===Why can't I retrieve my gifts?===

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Why can't I retrieve my gifts?

There are currently intermittent problems where Facebook is not properly passing to us the selected user IDs from the gifting screen. Unfortunately this results in some gifts being lost. We are looking into the problem.

How do I build a stable?

A stable requires a Level 5 Farm. In general, buildings that are greyed out due to Requirements not being met, can still be clicked on and will show more details about the requirements.

Why does the "out of date" message keep popping up?

The Out of Date message pops up when the time that your browser reports to us is significantly behind our clock. Over time, a browsers internal clock can start to lag. This can usually be solved by doing a full shutdown and restart of your browser and possibly by checking your computer's clock time. Over time, a browsers internal clock can start to lag.

I've built a 2nd city on top of my troops, how do I get them back?

To retrieve your troops, go back to your 1st city, click on the Rally Point building, then click on the Troop Movement tab.

Why can't I control any more wildernesses?

Each city can only control as many wildernesses as its Castle level. For example, a Level 5 Castle can only control a maximum of 5 wildernesses.

Where did all my Food go?

If your food has unexpectedly disappeared, or your food upkeep has suddenly gotten huge, there are several possibilities. 1) A Volunteers chest was opened. Volunteer chests are great in that they can instantly add troops to your army, however these troops will start eating your food right away. 2) Allied troops are encamped inside your city. Allied troops that are inside your city (possibly helping you defend it) eat YOUR food. You can tell if you have allied troops by clicking on your Embassy. Sometimes you will need to refresh to see the troops in your Embassy.

How come my resources stopped increasing?

Each resource has a maximum capacity. You can see your capacity by hovering your mouse over the resource values at the top of the screen. To increase your capacity, build/upgrade your resource buildings. For gold, increase your population by building more cottages or changing your tax rate.

I bought a Gem package but didn't get my Bonus Chest

Bonus Chests are given as a single chest which must be opened first. Check in My Items under the Chests tab.

My troops went missing?

Often times your troops are not permanently gone, try waiting a bit and/or refreshing to see if they come back.

My beginners protection disappeared early!

Beginners Protection is automatically ended when you upgrade your Castle to level 5

Blue/Red/Green Knights, Sealed Orders, Dove of Peace

The ability to use these items is coming soon.

Can I build more than 2 cities?

Currently only 2 cities are allowed. The ability to build a 3rd city is coming soon.

Why can't my Knight lead an attack?

Only Knights that are not assigned a role and not currently on a march can lead an attack.

Where did my city go? Why am I being asked to create a new city?

Your city is not lost, its possible that the system might have switched you over to a different domain by accident. At the screen where the game asks you to name your city and select a domain, you should be able to pick your existing domain/city from a separate link below and get back to your original game.

How can I get rid of the "Waiting for report"

Press F5 to refresh your browser. Sometimes KoC gets stuck in the update process and doesn't realize your army is back.

I sent resources from city to another but they don't show up!

Press F5 to refresh your browser. Sometimes KoC gets stuck in the update process and doesn't realize the transport is complete

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