What is a ENHANCED domain?
An ENHANCED domain is a domain that has rules altered from the default Kingdoms of Camelot rule set. There have been extensive server side changes meaning there is improved performance and these new domains are only available through

How do I join an ENHANCED Domain?
For now, all ENHANCED Domains are altered existing domains. If your domain is chosen as an ENHANCED domain, there will be an in-game message letting you know all the details on how the rules have changed.

My domain was chosen as an ENHANCED Domain. Will my game progress be affected? Will I lose anything by moving to an ENHANCED domain?
No, your game progress will not be affected. If you have any problems with your account, please contact our customer service.

So far there are Enhanced domains that include all of the following:

  • Brand new Domain filled with active players
  • All City Deeds (2-8) for free!
  • Build Time and Training Times reduced by 25%
  • Upkeep has been reduced on all troop units
  • Improved Server Performance
  • A Gift Package with Portals of Order, Tutelages, and more!

Everything you get here is FREE!

You can only play on Enchanted Domains through

.some of these domains include 345,343 and 294 These are also called Premium Domains.

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