Even though no deserts are seen in KoC, the central inaccessible region is said/rumored to possibly be a desert.

The scribe, Asheron, once said that he hoped to find a desert so that he could send his subjects to mine for precious gems most often found in deserts, and to "drill" for this rumored, mythical black mana called "Kreue Doyle."

Black Mana Myth

Asheron's magical crystal mirror once told him that if this special black mana, steeped in legend, is ever discovered, then it is said to make faster travel possible. "Kreue Doyle," as the magic mirror called it, would most likely be found under deserts, and enable all wagons to move without the aid of horses.

Its purported role in horseless movement

The "Kreue Doyle" / black mana would have to be contained in what is called a "gah s'taync" (or "pheeuwyll taync") which would then feed the "enter-nolk umbas'chi nin'jyn" (a self-contained fireplace of some form; the riders never see the flames!) somewhere on the wagon, most preferably in the front, causing the wheels to turn through a strange mechanical assembly called the "taraan submission." The scribe wouldn't know what "taraan" the closed fireplace would submit to the wheels, but somehow the wheels move because of it.

Reaction of the kingdom

After notifying the kingdom of the soothsaying vision from Asheron's magic mirror, the inhabitants went into a frenzy wondering when we'll ever access the desert, and subsequently find this mythical dark mana that the mirror fortells. Nearly everyone in the kingdom agrees that the discovery of this fabled "Kreue Doyle" would give numerous advantages to every facet of their way of life, and all the lands that get to possess it.

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