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Defensive Units are built from the Wall. Each unit uses one or more spaces, either Wall Defense spaces, or Field Defense spaces. The level of the wall determines how many spaces are available for defensive units. The total number of spaces provided by the wall is split evenly between Wall Defense and Field Defense. (e.g. a Level 9 wall provides 45000 Defensive Unit spaces, split into 22500 Wall Defense spaces and 22500 Field Defense spaces.)

Unlike Troops, Defensive Units do not consume food. As of the April 16th update, they now contribute to the total might of the City.

Defensive Units will always defend your city, even if the army is hiding in Sanctuary. There is currently no way for the owner to deconstruct or destroy defensive units once they have been built.

The maximum length of the construction queue, including what is currently being constructed, is equal to the level of the wall.

Wall defence

Wall Defenses[]

Image Name Attack Defense Life Range Cost

Space Might Construction and Research Requirements
Unit 53 68
600 80 2000 1300 250
2 4 LvL.6 Wall
Lv.6 Blacksmith
Lv.5 Fletching
High powered crossbows mounted at the best vantage point for shooting enemies.
Unit 55 68
2550 0 0 5000 500
4 7 Lv.8 Wall
Lv.8 Blacksmith
Lv.7 Fletching
Lv.7 Geometry
Excellent at destroying enemy siege weapons, a trebuchet will only get one shot per battle and must then be rebuilt and reloaded.
Greek Fire 9000 90 4000 2000 1000




1 1 Median Oil

Lv.8 Wall

Each siphon will project a single shot of incredibly strong fire at your enemies, but will then have to be rebuilt and restocked.

Field Defenses[]

Images Name Attack Defense Life Range Cost

Space Might Construction and Research Requirements
Unit 61 68
Caltrops 650 0 150 0 100
1 1 Lv.1 Wall
Lv.1 Metal Alloys
Stops infantry troops from advancing until they are cleared. Positioned at the maximum attack range of the defenders.
Unit 62 68
1000 50 100 0 150
3 2 Lv.2 Wall
Lv.2 Blacksmith
Lv.2 Logging
Stops horse units (including siege weapons,wagons) from advancing until they are cleared. Positioned at the maximum attack range of the defenders.
Unit 60 68
Trap 1500 0 0 0 400
4 3 Lv.4 Wall
Lv.4 Blacksmith
Lv.2 Poisoned Edge
Much like the modern land mine, these traps are buried around the castle, and deal damage to unsuspecting enemy attackers.



Defensive Strategy[]


  • The purpose of Caltrops is to slow the attackers at maximum range while the army and other defenses attack them at range.
  • Caltrops do very little damage; they rarely kill troops alone.
  • Caltrops are completely ignored by Cavalry, Supply Wagons, and Siege Engines: they move right past.
  • Caltrops should be used with Archers and other range troops defending your city, or with wall-mounted crossbows.
  • Caltrops are the cheapest and most efficient field defense unit for might-building.

Spiked Barriers[]

  • Spiked Barriers stop both types of Cavalry, Siege Engines, and Supply Wagons until they are destroyed.
  • Spiked Barriers do some damage and can easily wipe out Supply Wagons if they are ignored.
  • Spiked Barriers are completely ignored by infantry troops: they move right past.
  • they can also kill small amount of HC very easily at about 3 spikes to one HC.
  • Like Caltrops, Spiked Barriers work best when holding enemy attackers at range for your other troops and defenses.


  • Traps are single-use defenses - they will be destroyed when they attack enemy troops.
  • Traps do a lot of damage, nearly guaranteeing that the attackers will take some losses.
  • Traps are very ineffecient against smart or high-level attackers. Traps are not worth the cost of the units they destroy, and a smart attacker will send in militia to trigger your traps. However, since they require no upkeep, there is no reason not to build them when your army has reached the maximum size.

Wall-Mounted Crossbows[]

  • Crossbows are very effective defensive units and have a longer range and can do much more damage than Archers.
  • Crossbows work very well with Caltrops and Spiked Barriers to hold the enemy at their long range.
  • Crossbows have shorter range than Ballista and Catapults, so they are susceptible to attacks from these units.
  • Crossbows are the most cost- and space-effective wall defense unit for might-building.
  • The essential unit in defending your city and the only wall defense that you should be training are your Crossbows. Without them your caltrops and spiked barriers are useless, they are the teeth in your wall defense. They are also the hardest to remove and leave attackers with the most casualties.

Defensive Trebuchets[]

  • Trebuchets will only attack Siege Engines and will completely ignore all other units, including supply wagons.
  • Trebuchets have an enormous range and very high damage, virtually guaranteeing that it will destroy an enemy siege engine before it can get into range.
  • Trebuchets are single-use defenses: they will be destroyed when they fire upon an enemy Siege Engine.


Guardians are coming to Kingdoms of Camelot! These mythical wardens will settle in cities across Camelot, and the lords shall make use of the might of these proud beasts. Guardians are tied to individual cities, and can provide bonuses to troops and resource generation.

Wood Guardian[]

Sprite map guardian

Images of KofC Wood Guardian


The Wood Guardians provide boosts to Wood Production by 1%-4%


increments cumulatively as you upgrade the guardian (up to a total of 20% total boost).

Similarly, Wood Guardians increases your city's fortification Hit Points by 1%-4% increments cumulatively as you upgrade (up to a total of 20% total boost).

If your troops are set to defend the city, the boost would apply to your troops as well.

Guardians are a fantastic way to boost your city defenses especially if you are in a war with another alliance!