The deconstruct function is used to tear down a building and remove it from the City or Fields space to make room for another building. The button to deconstruct a building is found when you click on that building to view its upgrade options.


Deconstructing a building is a construction operation. You cannot deconstruct a building while you are waiting for construction on another building in the same city.

Deconstruction of a building takes half as much time as the last upgrade for that building. Deconstructing a building also returns half of the resources that were spent on the last upgrade only.

For example, consider a level 3 Cottage:

Construction Time Food Wood Stone Ore
Upgrade lv.2 to lv.3, required resources 1:33 400 2000 400 200
Deconstruct lv.3, resources returned 0:46 200 1000 200 100


The other form of deconstruction is Destroy. You can destroy buildings immediatly using a Dragon's Stomp.

You will not get any resources from this type of deconstruction.

This may be bought from the shop or from a merlines magical box.

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