DailyReward button
Daily Reward

You can receive bonus items just for logging into Kingdoms of Camelot!

Upon logging in, there will be a automatic pop-up showing the bonus item received.

In some domains, there is no pop-up. Instead, a button appears on the left side of the game interface. Clicking it will bring up the pop-up.

DailyReward PopUp 1to5 DailyReward PopUp 6
Pop-Up for Days 1-5 Example of Pop-Up After Day 5 (Day 6)

First 5 days

The items received will improve with each consecutive day that you login for 5 days.
The table below shows the items a player receives for the first 5 days.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
1 1025 1036 362 ExperiencedVolunteers
Squire's Hourglass 40,000 Wood 60,000 Stone Train with Galahad Experienced Volunteers

5+ Consecutive days

After 5 days, the bonus item received is randomly selected.
The table below shows the possible items a player can receive.

Possible Items
931 262 901 122 142
Aura of Command Blood Frenzy Dove of Peace Druidic Ceremony Dwarven Assistance
ExperiencedVolunteers 132 57 272 362
Experienced Volunteers Gnomish Quarrying Team Red Dragon Wings Stoneskin Train with Galahad
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