Crests have two features. It is mainly used to finish the quests that are needed to receive the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh city deeds . The Seals were introduced to the game starting with the sixth city deed. The second feature is to increase a knights loyalty, alas loyalty has not been built into the game yet.

Crests can be gained in two ways. You can either attack a wilderness and be victorious for a chance to get a crest, please see the drop rate table below, or by purchasing different chests in the shop for different crests.

The KOC site says that the location of Crest is a random drop [where? Give a link!], with the majority of each crest type falling on a particular wilderness type. They recommend that the story of Arthur and his Knights give clues concerning their lives and upbringing. Below, I have listed the knights and some basic facts about each knight along with recommendations that these facts may give as clues. These are only suggestions. I've used these clues and have been successful, especially in the case of Percival and Lancelot. Good Luck!! Happy hunting!!

King Arthur- Born at Tintagel (Hills?) Raised by Sir Ector (grasslands?) Camelot built atop the tallest HILL(?) in Cornwall.

Morgana le Fey- Arthurs sister and mother to Mordred. born in Cornwall (Hills?) married to King Lot of Orkney (grasslands?)

Mordred- son of Arthur raised in Orkney (grasslands?) stronghold in the WOODS(?) Killed by Arthur at Camlann on Salisbury PLAINS(?)

Ector- Arthurs foster father Noble farming family (grasslands?)

Kay- Foster brother of Arthur Noble farming family (grasslands?) most famous deed, killing the giant and freeing the captives from a LAKE(?)

Lancelot du Lac- name means of the LAKE(?) raised by Vivienne, the Lady of the LAKE(?) most famous deed, killing the Copper Knight at Delorous Guard (MTNS?)

Galahad- Son of Lancelot(LAKES?) raised in a nunnery (MTNS?) like Arthur, pulled his sword from a stone (HILLS?)

Percival - raised in the WOODS(?)

Gawain- Arthurs nephew/ brother of Mordred Born in Wales (Hills and Woods?)

Bors de Ganis - only Knight to return from the Grail Quest Known as a great horseman (PLAINS?)

Bedivere - this guy is difficult, clues can lead anywhere. He was a wandering knight, so was known to be anywhere, as his life shows. educated in a monastery in MTNS(?) after Arthurs death, returns Excalibur to Vivienne (LAKE?) lives the rest of his life as a hermit in the WOODS(?) buried at Tryfan HILL(?)

thats about what I gather from the Tales of the Knights of the Round Table.

Also KOC says Here is a list of the seals and crests and the wilderness levels in which they can be found:

Sir Bor's Crest: Levels 5-7 Sir Ector's Crest: Levels 5-7 Sir Kay's Crest: Levels 5-8 Sir Bedivere's Crest: Levels 6-8 Sir Gawain's Crest: Levels 6-8 Sir Percival's Crest: Levels 7-9 Sir Galahad's Crest: Levels 7-9 Sir Lancelot's Crest: Levels 7-9 King Arthur's Crest: Levels 8-10 Morgana's Seal: Levels 8-10 Mordred's Seal: Levels 8-10

Types of crest

There are several types that can be found in the game.

Crest Name Properties Level of Wilderness
Bors Sir Bor's Crest Increases Knights loyalty by 5% 5-7
Ectors Sir Ector's Crest Increases Knights loyalty by 10% 5-7
Kays Sir Kay's Crest Increases Knights loyalty by 15% 5-8
Bediveres Sir Bedivere's Crest Increases Knights loyalty by 20% 6-8
Gawains Sir Gawain's Crest Increases Knights loyalty by 25% 6-8
Percivals Sir Percival's Crest Increases Knights loyalty by 30% 7-9
Galahad Sir Galahad's Crest Increases Knights loyalty by 40% 7-9
Lancelot Sir Lancelot's Crest Increases Knights loyalty by 50% 7-9
Arthur King Arthur's Crest Increases Knights loyalty by 60% 8-10
Morgana Morgana's Seal N/A 8-10
1111 Mordred's Seal N/A


Stag Stag King's Seal N/A 8-10
1113.jpg Pendragon Seal N/A 8-10
Pen Lady Of The Lake´s Seal N/A 8-10
Lad Merlin´s Seal N/A Not Released
  • Seals cannot increase loyalty.[1]

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